Monday, February 4, 2013


Lina<3, your eighth tooth had not come out completely yet. It feels like you are getting two more on top, when Mommy felt the inside of your mouth last night. I believe that was the reason you were up so often last night, at 11pm, then at 12am, and stayed up for 3-5am. You were unable to sleep soundly. Last night when you were up, all you did was cry very loudly, and screaming at times too. It was so hard to soothe you and Mommy felt terrible that there was not much to do. The only that helped to calm you was nursing you, three times in one night (I felt like you were a newborn again, with the constant feedings). Mommy knows that there is not much breast milk left but you still want to nurse, nurse, and nurse. The last month we were down to one feeding within a 24 hours cycle, as Mommy is trying to ween you off the breast.

And today, your teething is causing you to refuse your meals. All you wanted to eat was fruits, and snacks. You shook your head to your meals at lunch time and dinner time. You were also drooling yesterday and today. That little index finger were stuck on your mouth more than usually today.
Mommy is glad that you are getting more teeth, but the process of it must be harder on you and painful. My poor baby. Besides not eating lunch or dinner, you had a very good day. You were very playful-laughing a lot, wanted to be chase a lot, played peek-a-boo, scribbled, danced and story time.

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