Tuesday, July 31, 2012


My baby is 8 months old!!  Eight months, I can't believe it. It did not seem that long ago that she was born. 
Look at what my baby can do:

My baby got her first tooth :) YAY!!!!  The tooth had completely peeped out. It is so exciting. Once she let's me take a picture of it, I'll post it. 
(has one tooth that came out, the second tooth is starting to peeped out right next to the first one.)

 Sitting Up
(Just learning to sit up)
She can sit up by herself, I was so proud of her. I clapped and cheered for her as she pushed her arms up, her butt up in the air, and then, she sat. She perfected sitting up by herself in less than a week. Now, she can sit one way, then turn herself around, and sit another way. :) It is so cute! 

 Pulling self up and Standing up
(Above, pulling self up)
She is also pulling herself up by herself, and stand up while holding onto something. I clapped, and cheered for my baby...YAY!! I am a proud Mommy! She learned how to pull herself up and perfected it in less than a week.

Lina <3 is so amazingly beautiful, and adorable. I absolutely love her so much! I know that she will continue to grow and develop, and Daddy and I are loving it.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Reviews on Toys

Lina <3 loves playtime, either with toys or with her parents. She particularly loves being chased, and "rough up" by her Daddy on the bed. She also learning to play by herself with her toys.

The toys that she enjoys most (or not) are as followed and the reviews:
(1-5 rating scale, with 5 being the highest)
the first bullet is how Lina <3 plays with (or not play) and enjoys (or not enjoy) the toys
the second bullet are reviews from Mommy.

Little Tikes 5 in1 adjustable Activity Gym-
  • My baby did not like this in the beginning, it was scary for her. I used to put her down on her back so she can use her feet to kick upward and play; but all she did was cry, or just looked up at me, and wanted to play with me instead. However, as she learned to sit up and stand up with support, she mimics me playing with it, and she learned how to use it; until she realize that she can bring her mouth to it which was more fun. Now, she plays with it and enjoys it more especially since she can stand, sit, and crawl underneath.
  • The gym itself was overall a good toy, I mean who wouldn't want a toy that does more than one thing. The best thing is that it did not require batteries, who has the time to buy batteries, when you're busy with the baby, and need to spend the money else where like diapers, diapers and more diapers. The wheel for the spinning, I keep it inside the socket, because it look flimsy. The only thing I didn't like was that the music is a little too loud, and that the volume was not adjustable. A rating of 3.5.
Vtech Sit to Stand Learning Walker-
  • My baby is starting to learn to walk with support :) what a big step. I hold her hands on the handle, direct and guide her to use her little feet. Most of the time, its Mommy making her move, because she is so busy eating/licking the handle, lol. 
  • The toy, itself, is good. It did not require batteries ... yay! The music is great, and has 2 settings, I usually keep it at the first setting which is not too loud.  It is also educational, where it tells you shapes and colors, as well as play peek-a-boo. The walker allows for grabbing, to open n close, to press, to take off a toy, and to spin. The handle to hold is too big for my baby's little hands. The walker is versatile where it is a walker or a toy that can be detach to be play on the floor.  A rating of 4.
Sassy Sensory Ball Set
  • Lina <3 likes these, it is soft, and hard, rattles, crinkle, and bouncy. When it bounces, and rolls, she likes to crawl around on the floor with them. Lina <3 likes to put these balls in her mouth as well, is there anything that does not go in her mouth...lol.  It is not her favorite toys but she enjoys them.
  • On each of the three balls, the texture is different. Each ball rolls, one rolls further than the other, and she chases after them. The ball set allows her to touch, grab, and hold. Easy cleaning. A rating of 3.
Sassy Sensation Station Suction Toy
  • She like the toy. Can hold it, and put it in her mouth. Likes to pick it, swing it around, and then drop it over and over again.
  • It keeps my baby busy while she is on the high chair and hanging out in the kitchen with Mommy. It has different toys to spin, and turn. One of the toys makes music which is not too loud, one melody.  There is no on and off switch for the melody. No battery necessary. It does not stick too well on the tray of her high chair or it can be that she is so strong and can pull it off. She is working her muscles. :) A rating of 3.
Sassy Phone
  • Like this phone, but Lina <3 have not learn to flip it open and close yet. She mostly chew on it when the phone it close. When the phone is open, she may press the buttons, and pay attention to the light if she is not eating it.  
  • This toy makes a good take along. It is small. The thing I do not like about this toy is that the volume is too low, and can hardly hear anything. It does not require batteries. It has Spanish and English greetings which is good to learn another language (in addition to Chinese) even if it is just a couple of words. The handle on the phone is good for grabbing and holding, especially my baby's little hands. A rating of 2.5.
Oball Rattle 
  • Lina <3 love to watch the rattle bounce up and down, and how it rolls on the floor. The color of this ball is red. It is easy to grab, and wave around without hurting her head when she bangs on her head. Love to play with it on her high chair, and dropping it on the floor.
  • The best part is that it is BPA, PVS, latex and phthalates free. A lot of toys that look interesting does not state this. This ball is bendy, and makes noise when shaken or bounced. It is easy to grab. It is rubbery, so it does not hurt my baby when she bangs it. It is good for her little fingers to grab, and hold. A rating of 5.
Fisher Price Laugh Learn, Click n Learn Remote
  • Like the light, and music on this remote. This keeps her occupied. One of the toys that she prefers. She does not pay much attention to the buttons. It goes in her mouth majority of the time.
  • The remote is a little big to grab, but she makes the most of it. There is no volume control for the music, which is too loud, especially when the speaker is facing upright. It has songs, numbers, and colors which makes it educational. Did not require batteries. Easy to wipe down and clean. A rating of 4.
Fisher Price Little Superstar Classical Stacker
  • Have not learn how to stack yet, but can take the stars out and put it in her mouth or bangs it on the floor. Likes the lights, and music. She likes it when Mommy spins it like a dradle. When it stops spinning, she goes to it, and picks up the whole thing. Not a favorite toy. 
  • This stacker is oversize, too large for my baby's little hands to hold on to. It does have good lights, and music but it does not last long. The color scheme is good.  The texture on the stars is good for sensory modulation. Did not require batteries. A rating of 2.5.
Bright Starts Lots of Links
  • She loves these. One of her first toys. She can hold it them, throw them around, suck on them, and look at it. She loved to pull them apart when they are attach, she is so strong.
  • Very colorful. Different textures. Can attach to other toys. Great for travel, and take along. It attaches to car seats which keeps her occupied in the car. The only thing that bothers me is that I am unable to find out what these links are made of. It is easy to grab and hold. It is a rating of 4.
Bright Starts Grab and Stack Blocks
  • Likes the blocks. She does not stack them yet, but does like to knock them down when Mommy stacks them. Likes the noise that come out of each block. She can grab and hold it. 
  • Bright colors. Cool blocks. Educational with letters, numbers, and animals. It rattles and crinkles. It is soft in textures. Easy for grabbing. Easy cleaning. A rating of 5.
Bright Starts Tummy Time Cruisers  
  • Another one of her first toys. At first, she did not like this because she did not like tummy time. As she slowly gain strengthen in her upper body, she learn to like to use the mat, and toys that came with it. 
  • Mommy liked the pink, and it helped with tummy time. She is older now, so she doesn't need it anymore but we use it for other purposes. It is versatile because it can be separated and used for travel, or playtime. Easy to clean and take care of. A rating of 5.
Baby Einstein Teethers
  •  She likes to put these teethers in her mouth, especially when it's chilled. It is helping with her teething process. Likes to shake the teethers because it is also a rattle.
  • Great colors and rattles. It does not stay cold for long. Easy to carry and take a long for traveling. It is easy to clean. A rating of 4.5.
FAO Schwarz Teddy bear
  •  She did not really pay attention it in the beginning. But now, she "talks" to the teddy bear, and plays with. It's her buddy :)
  • It was a gift. Nice toy for her first teddy bear. It is easy to clean as well. A rating of 5.
Infantino Stick & Spin Monkey
  • When she first got it, she just stared at it, and did not want to play with. As I taught how it moves, and clicks, she started to play with it and enjoys it.
  • Does not stick well to the high chair which kind of defeats the point of it. Mostly, she puts it in her mouth, what doesn't go into that mouth of hers. Easy cleaning. A rating of 3.5.

Sleepless Beauty.....

Last night was not a good night for my baby. My little sleepless beauty did not want to stay asleep for a long period of time. Bedtime was at 8pm. Awoke at an hour later, and fell back to sleep on her own. Woke up at 10pm, fell to sleep on her own. Woke at 11pm, fed, and burped. Woke an hour later, did some "eh eh" crying and went to back to sleep on her own. 1am, up and "eh, eh, eh" cry and fell back to sleep. Up at 2am, fed, burped but did not fall back to sleep so easily. So, I played lullaby music for her, patted her back, said "Mommy loves you and it's time to sleep", and back to sleep she goes after 20 minutes. When she finally fell asleep, she did not wake til 6am. The good thing about last night was that she slept in her crib, I did not have to pick her up when she cried. I wonder why she was up so often, could it be her teething.

These nights like this are a little too common in this household. Usually, she sleeps half the night in her crib, and the rest of the night in Daddy's and Mommy's bed. She usually can sleep three hours at a time.

I am hoping that tonight will not be a repeat of last night. I am hoping that she will sleep better. She naps well during the day. "Lina <3 make sure you sleep well tonight"--Mommy. Uh Oh, maybe I just jinx her... We'll have to wait and see...

Friday, July 27, 2012

Doctor's Appointment

Her monthly appointment to the doctor's was today. It went well. Healthy and getting bigger :)

The scale that weights the baby which she been using since her first appointment, she can't tolerate it now. As soon as Daddy set her down on the scale, she fussed, struggled and whined. The scale had that the disposable paper covering (that all doctors used for the patients) made too much noise for her. The doctor put her down to weight her, she rolled over, turned around in a circle, and fussed.

She had two vaccinations; and Daddy and I had to hold her down. She sat on Daddy's lap, her arms were held down by Daddy, and I held her legs. She is a little fighter, and struggled a lot in Daddy's lap. Her legs were strong and kicked hard... (ow for Mommy, just kidding). After the shots, she cried and cried :( my poor baby. Daddy and I  kissed the boo-boos but that did not make her stop crying.

The symptoms of her eczema has gotten worse due to the heat and humidity these few days. Her face is red, blotchy, and dry. It is recommended that we try different creams and hydrocortisone cream for the next few days. :sigh: my poor baby with eczema (I just do not want her to have any problems, I do not want her to be itchy, or in pain). I hope that it does not last long, and will go away on its on. Need to see a dermatologist.

In between the crying, and fussing, she enjoyed being at the doctor's office, looking around, and taking in everything. She liked seeing the mothers and other children in the office.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cradle Caps

Cradle Caps are dry, flaky, and scaly skin on top the baby's scalp. It is a term used for babies. They say that majority of babies get them, and so did my little baby. It started after turning three months old. It was just a few dry patches on top of her scalp. At first, just combing through was enough to get rid of it. After a few weeks of just combing (the teeth of the comb had to be very fine) it after bath time, it got worse. The flaky skin got thicker and it spread across her scalp, wherever her hair was, there was another dry patch. I try not to shampoo her hair every time she took a bath, hoping that it would help. Nope, it got worse. I read from Babycenter, that you could use olive oil to help with cradle caps. I used extra virgin olive oil on her scalp, and then comb. It worked wonders, so I thought. It got worse and was so bad that it was embedded in her scalp. It was hard to comb it out that even her doctor recommended a shampoo for the cradle caps. Ooopssiee.....I forgot to wash off the olive oil after it was on scalp. The steps are .... rub olive oil on the scalp, leave for few minutes (10-15mins), combed, shampoo, and dry off head with towel. It took several weeks for her scalp to get better. It finally started to look a lot better. Home remedies really do work and it beats putting chemicals on my baby's head. Now her scalp is still a little dry, but nothing is embedded on her scalp.  I am hoping that she will outgrow the cradle caps. Fingers and toes cross :)

Eczema Glore and Ms. Scratch A Lot

When you were three months old, you had red, blotchy, and dry looking skin between the folds of your neck, behind your ears, and in the folds of your arms and your legs. It was diagnosed by the doctor as eczema. The cause of your eczema was unknown. The doctor thought that it would be best to stop eating eggs, soy, wheat, and nuts; to try and determine the cause. After stopping one thing at a time, the symptoms of your eczema did not get better. As the heat increases this summer and humidity hit, the symptoms of your eczema got worse. Mommy moisturized your face and body every day, at least five to six times a day, basically every time you woke up from sleeping/naps. Mommy tried many lotions. The moisturizers that worked well were Aveeno Baby, Eczema Therapy, Cetaphil Restoraderm, and Albaun-petroleum jelly. It took a while to figure out which ones were the best ones for my little princess; as well as a lot of time and patience (but nothing is too good for my princess). Even taking baths had to be changed; we went from taking baths every other day to every two to three days to see if it would help the symptoms. Your clothes could not be too tight on her, as I had read that tight clothing could make the symptoms worse.

This is also the beginning of your scratching. At first, you would scratch as a indication of being tired (so I thought), and would only happen at nighttime before bedtime. However, it is hard to tell you if you were really itchy or not. Daddy and I used hydro-cortisone cream 1% on the areas where you were scratching with your hands but it does not seem to help. Of course, the hydro-cortisone cream was recommended by your doctor. Also,used aloe gels (but tested it first on her arm to see if she is allergic) but it does not seem to help that much either. The scratching only got worse over time. Daddy and I felt so helpless when you would scratch because you look so uncomfortable and itchy; and there was nothing we could do for you. You would scratch and scratch during diaper changes, bath times, when you lays down, you plays, and right before your naps or bedtime but you can be distracted with toys which does not last long. At first, you would scratch your necks, behind your ears, and your head. Now, it is wherever your hands lands. The scratching, unfortunately, appeared to be habitual and I don't know what else to do. The big relief is using mittens. She outgrew her first mittens fast, and then another pair, and used socks; then she learned to pull them off her hands (which is the cutest things but not when she would scratch after they are off her hands). After much research, Daddy and I found scratchmenotmittens and it works wonders. We still use it now. The grooming of her finger nails and toe nails had to be cut and trimmed every other day; otherwise, she would end up with scratch marks all over her face. The scratch marks would end up all over her forehead, and cheeks. It looked like it would scar, but not matter how bad the scars were, they eventually went away.

Present time, my little princess still scratches, whenever it gets close to bedtime, naps, during meal time, during playtime, during diaper changes and bath times. Lina wears the mittens whenever she goes to sleep. The symptom of your eczema has gotten better. Mommy is only moisturizing you a few times a day and your skin is not that dry. Bath time is every other day. Clothes are loose and not too tight. Nails, finger and toe, are cut and trimmed every other day, sometimes every day. Mittens are still being used. No scars are accounted.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Reflecting on the Colorado movie theater shooting

Today is the day after the Colorado movie theater shooting, and it is such a tragedy. We hope the families of the victims are coping well; and we offer our deepest condolences. In times like this, words are hard to express, and sometimes, just silence and remembrance is best.

Below are two different news article that can give you a better picture of what had happen, if you have not been watching the news live yourselves:


Although my little Lina <3 is too young to understand what is going on, I decide to write about this because I want her to get a glimpse of what the world around her is like (of course, the world is not full of murders and killings).  Lina <3 and I watched the news every morning and in the evening since she was born, I talked to her about the news and want her to be aware of what is going on around her.

Our deepest condolences goes out to the families of all the victims and those affected by this terrible massacre.


When I had found that you were a girl, my first few thoughts were that I hope you have Daddy's height, Daddy's eye lashes, and my hair. Your hair was super straight when you were born, just like Mommy's. Mommy would had love your hair even if you were born with not so straight hair. Mommy loves you regardless and unconditionally.

(Lina loves to sleep with Mommy and was very comfortable.)
This picture was about a month after you were born. Look how straight your hair was. You were not born with that much hair on top of your head.

(A little sleepy but still want to play with the link on my hand)
 After a few weeks, this is what your hair looks like, picture above. A tad wavy.

(Lina can pull herself up in her bouncer chair)
picture above, Wavier hair...

Present time, my hair is wavy.  Has some curls that stays on top of head.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Meet Me :)

Hello everyone,
My name is Lina<3 (I like to put the heart over "i" but I can't write yet)... I am seven months old and will be eight months soon. Don't look at this picture and think that playtime is easy, it's not, it requires a lot of work and exploring in order for me to get it right. Of course, I always have help from Mommy (who take cares of me as well and sometimes Daddy helps). At this point of my life, it is very busy, with meal time, music/dance time, tummy time, walking time (I used my walker to practice walking), story time, learning new songs, dropping toys, picking up toys, sleeping (or not) and many more things to do. However, I am having the time of my life because mommy does most of the work. Mommy watches me most of the day. I see Daddy in the mornings before he leaves for work and at nighttime when he gets home from work (and keeps me in his arms for hours); and I love weekends with Daddy because he gets to stay home with me, and play with me. Daddy reads to me, and lets me "eat" the books. In the bottom picture, I am sitting in Daddy's chair and I look like a big girl. :)
Thank you for reading.
little Lina <3

PS :::::Mommy wrote this for me:::::

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Unconventional "Toys"

Lina <3 loves play time which includes being on her tummy, crawling on her belly, rough and tumble with Mommy and Daddy, hide and seek, peek-a-boo, ....etc. 

This daughter of mine loves to play with her toys but once she sees me (or daddy) with our electronics such as our cellphones, TV remotes; or utensils, especially cups; she gets very excited, and starts waving her hands and reaching for Mommy and Daddy's "toys".

During playtime in the living room with selected toys on the floors for her to play with, she prefers searching for cables, pulling on curtains, or laundry baskets of clothes that needs to be put away. If those things are not available, or in her sight, she'll prefer to play with the mat on the floor. She is easily distracted if she sees me playing with her toys especially the ones that makes noise. Hanging out in the kitchen with Mommy and Daddy in her booster chair or sitting on our laps, she loves the cups on the table that are filled with water and if it is not filled with water, she loses interest fast. Water bottles (with or without water in it) are what she has most fun when we let her play with it. Television remote, she goes insane for; once, I let her slither around the clean kitchen table (while watching her and directing the way she should go) and once she gets a hold of it, it'll be hard to take it away. In the bedroom, she loves to crawl on our bed especially when there are pillows for climbing (it is so cute, she is starting to pull herself upright on the pillows); and loves playing the blanket. When she is laying down for diaper change, she likes to hold and suck on the diaper, or the bottles of the lotion, or diaper creams.

These are ways Lina <3 explores and find news to play with every day. As she uses her upper body more and more, she'll continue to look for new things to play with, to put in her mouth, to hold, and to see better when in her hands. I love my little Lina <3 the explorer (lol, get it? like Dora the explorer).

Note for Lina <3 when you get older and you read this: lol means laughing out loud  but they'll probably have new abbreviations.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mommy's "services" for Lina

Being Mommy is the best job in the world. Being Mommy is a job/career that you always wanted. It is 24 hours and 7 days a week, 52, weeks in a year, and 365 days a year (except for leap years). You get the point, right?  but don't get me wrong, I love being Mommy to my precious princess, Lina <3 (who haven't even turn a year old yet).

My services to Lina <3 are as follows:
---> Diaper Services: since you were born, Mommy and Daddy (mostly mommy) been changing your diapers; cleaning your behind up; put lotion, diapers, un-petroleum jelly on you. Daddy changes the diaper pail when it gets full.
---> Food service: breast feeding still and will continue to do so for as long as she wants.
---> Caterer: Lina's <3 get homemade foods since she been having solids. As well as cater to all her needs.
---> Food Server: Mommy heats up your foods, feeds you, cleans up afterwards (because you can make such a mess at times)
---> Dishwasher: Mommy washes all your bottles, sippy cup, trays, spoons, and bowls. You have so much dishes for such a tiny person.
---> Fashion Stylist: I choose Lina's clothes for her, and sometimes Daddy does as well.
---> Nurse: Mommy will fix any boo-boos (bumps on heads) that comes Lina's <3 way and then kiss it.
---> Singer: Mommy sings lullabies to help you sleep, sings ABC's to educate you, sings You Are My Sunshine that makes you laugh, giggle, and smile, sings and do hand movements for Patty Cake, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and This Little Piggy.
---> Personal Rocker/Swing: whenever you are crying or too fussy, Mommy will be there rock you, and swing you to help soothe you.
---> Playmate: Mommy does tummy time with you, Mommy plays with you on your booster chair (when not used for mealtimes), hide and seek (Daddy does that a lot with you). Play time is fun for you and me.
---> Chauffeur: wherever Mommy goes, you goes as well; hmmm Daddy is really our chauffeur who personally drives us around :) which we appreciate and love it :)
--->Teacher: teaching you cause and effects (when you switch light switch on and off, when mommy turns off cellphone lights on and off); teaching you that things continue to exist when hidden underneath a blanket or pillow (hide and seek); teaching you to walk with a walker; teaching you to play by yourself at times when mommy need to do something else while in the same room; and story time to help with your words, and language.
---> Comedian: not by telling jokes though; by making you laugh, giggle and smile with Mommy's silly antics (and daddy's too).
---> Personal Carrier: you do not know how to walk yet, sometimes Mommy carries you (especially now) instead of using a stroller or a carrier.
---> Hairstylist: Mommy brushes your hair every day, when you wake from each nap. Since you were three months old, you had bad cradle caps which Mommy needed to pay special attention to.  Now the cradle caps are better, it still exist. There's not much to do with your hair since it is short, but Mommy does wash and dry.
---> Massage Therapist: you love it when Mommy massages your legs, especially those chunky thighs.
---> Dermatologist: Mommy has to determine which lotions, diaper creams, shampoos are best for your skin since you have sensitive, and dry skin.
---> Nail technician: Mommy been cutting your fingernails and toenails since you were weeks old. It is a little hard now to cut your nails because you move around so much and you are such a light sleeper.

All these "services" are things that I do for my princess without hesitation. These are the roles of being Lina's <3 Mommy.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sleepy Time

Lina <3 does not sleep through the night. She have not slept through the night since we came home from the hospital seven months ago. There are some good and bad nights, where she'll sleep soundly and others where she wakes up in the middle of the night screaming her head off.

Lina's <3 sleep habit is poor. In the beginning, she would sleep well, and longer periods of time. A couple of months after, she would wake up in the middle of the night screaming, and refuse to go back to sleep even after constantly rocking, walking back and forth the hallways, singing lullabies, and diaper change. We co-sleep with Lina's little bed (first years co sleeper) that would sit on top of our bed between us, so that we can keep a close eye on you. Later, you would sleep on my arms which made sleeping a little easier for all of us.

Now, you have your own crib. Half the time you would sleep in it and the other half you slept in
Mommy's arms. I still breast feed at nighttime through the night, while laying down, which Lina <3 grew accustom to because you would wake up crying and I would feed you. To this day, you have a very hard time falling asleep. Scream, scream, scream, and more screams! (Ahhh Mommy wants to sleep too.) Boy! can you scream. I tried to let you scream and cry til you fall asleep and it breaks my heart (and Daddy's). I feel so helpless that I could not do more to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. At times, you could fall asleep easily and stay asleep for a couple of hours. The good thing that you are learning to do, is fall asleep by yourself sometimes by you wake up in the middle of the night. The best nights for you are when you would sleep for three or four hours at a time (I love those nights!). 

Sleepy time is not only beneficial to Mommy and Daddy (because we'll be able to catch a break) but it is extremely good for you, for your development, and growth.  Most of the websites about babies' sleep habits states that you should be sleeping through the night, but I guess those websites were not talking about my little Lina <3 lol. I did not get that memo. I am hoping that you will out grow this and sleep better. And if you do not, it is okay and you'll be sleeping with Daddy and I.

Please comment if you have any suggestions/advice about sleepy time for Lina <3 Thank you.

Monday, July 9, 2012

your birth story...

Lina <3, seven months ago, you were born... here's the story of your birth, which I will be telling you on your birthdays when you turn one, two, three, .....etc.

The day of your birth was a pretty good day. I had been home for three weeks on bed rest due to preterm labor symptoms and was already dilated 4cm. We had just saw the doctor that morning and the doctor said that you are 6cm dilated and need to see her in three days, if you could wait that long. At home, I finished packing "a go" for the hospital (just in case) for all three of us. My contractions were getting stronger in that evening. Around 11pm, contractions were stronger and closer and it was time to go. The doctor did not answer our calls and we left messages telling her that we were on our way to the hospital. I have the worst chills and was shivering a lot (I did not enjoyed that part). I handled the pain pretty well (overall, I handle pain well and my doctor knew that about me as well) but these contractions were baddddddd...... (on top of that, my tailbone hurt even more during the contractions because I had fell down the stairs three years ago and it never really healed properly). Waking up your daddy and telling him it's time to go and watching him get ready makes me laugh now (but not then). Daddy went to "pretty himself up" by washing his face, brushing his teeth, changing his clothes, and taking his sweet time while I had been downstairs already waiting to go to the car.

In the car, the heat was on high because I was so cold!!! My water broke in the parking lot of hospital, which felt like urinating  the size of Niagara Falls. It came so fast that I did not realize that it was happening til afterwards. As soon as I went to the ER, went right into a wheelchair so Daddy can wheeled into the admitting office. It was so painful that I could hardly speak, I just close my eyes and clenched my teeth, and sometimes, curse words came out of my mouth. I was already 9cm dilated, the resident doctor said; the hospital staff told me that my doctor had just left after delivering two babies. I just want to get it over with... all they did was ask questions, questions, and more questions. I needed antibiotics since I was positive for Group B Strep. I had originally did not want an epidural and even refused to the idea of it but that was before I was about to give birth, lol. I just wanted the pressures, shivers, the pain to go away, but the dose of the epidural was an small amount. Since I had the shivers, it was very hard to stay still for the injection but I did it! Meanwhile, Daddy was trying to keep me calm, trying to massage my pain away, and I'm like "do not touch me", "do not even look/talk to me" lol.

The doctor finally came back :) and now it was time to get to work..."push as if I was having an bowel movement" (the doctor said). The epidural did get rid of most of the pain but you could still feel the pressure that told me to push. I had to hold my legs up, while Daddy supported my neck, and PUSH! ahhh ahhh push, push (I can still feel it now). After an hour or so, out came your head, Daddy was so excited that he saw your head full of hair. Then came you, it was so beautiful, you were so beautiful, covered in fluid and stuff :) You are healthy. You have ten tiny toes and fingers :) I was so anxious to hold you but when the nurse placed you on me, I was too afraid to move you, or to squeeze you too tight. Lina <3 had entered the world at 3am, at 6 lbs. It was the most spectacular day. I was so glad to meet you after all these months, it finally hit me that I am going to be your mommy. You also met your grandparents and uncle, whom came after the delivery. Then you were taken to the nursery for your routine procedures, and Daddy followed you (I made sure it), to make sure you are safe and sound. Mommy was so nervous when you went to the nursery, because I do not want you to be leave my side.

After four hours or so, you came back to me but you were sleeping and I did not want to wake you. I just watched you sleep, watched your eyes move even though it was closed, listened to your breathing, and watch my baba. A lactation nurse was requested and helped Lina <3 feed. We did a lot of skin to skin contact. It was a wonderful feelings, having you so close to me. I promise to protect you and keep you safe. Wherever Mommy goes, Lina <3 goes. You finally latched on, it was a weird feeling but a good sensation. I loved watching you feed (and still do).  Breast milk all the way! Daddy was there the whole time, spending the night with us. When he had left to go home to get some stuff, it was the best thing for me, a new mother because it gave me the courage and confidence I needed to take care of you. Your first diaper was so cool because it was so small.  The first poop diaper was weird but that was normal for newborn :) We fed, change diapers (oh so many diapers), and slept.

We went home after four days, it was the most special day for us. Your going home outfit was so big and cute on you. It was so scary putting that outfit on you because you were so small and fragile. Pawpaw (grandmother in Cantonese) was there to take care of us. Daddy surprised us with welcome home signs, and decorations. I cried. We were finally home, where you belong. It's you and me against the world!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

In the womb...

Lina <3 is seven months old now. She is getting so big and beautiful. My Princessa...

When we first found out that we were pregnant, we were ecstatic, scared and excited (if only there were words that can really expressed how we felt inside). Knowing that you were growing in my belly was the best gift in the world and it was an extension of Mommy and Daddy's love for each other. I rubbed my belly (your home for months) every day and night because it was this amazing feeling that was overwhelming, it's like "oh my gosh, I helped create you".

Our first doctor's appointment was amazing. We saw you, a tiny little black dot, on the sonogram (it was a transvaginal ultrasound),and we heard your heartbeat. Our hearts melted and I cried. It's my baba (that's what mommy called you, meaning baby). Your heartbeat was the beautiful sound we had ever heard. Who would had thought that we would be able to hear your heartbeat so early on. The first trimester went by fast and easy. I didn't have bad morning sickness, some nausea that would last a few minutes; but I was exhausted and had to use the bathroom a lot. We had decided to keep the news of you to ourselves til the second trimester because I did not want to share you and you were all mine. I tried to stay as healthy as possible especially when it came to my eating habits because whatever goes into my mouth was your food as well. I walked as much as possible. I drank a lot of water and urinated a lot....(that's thing about being pregnant, your bladder gets very compress). I went to work and came home and rest.

The second trimester was fun, and you were moving by 18 weeks. When you first moved, it was a weird and wonderful feelings (only a pregnant person would know). Daddy loved it and enjoyed rubbing my belly but sometimes you would not move for daddy (daddy would say that is you being a brat). My belly did not get that big but had started to show a little bit. We finally told all family and friends and they were happy and excited, everyone had a different opinion about the sex of the baby. Some of them even try to make bets about it. Later in the trimester, I was diagnosis with  gestational diabetes which was so scary because I do not want anything to happen to my baba, either in the womb, or during birth. So I walked everyday, and ate right (ate almost every 2 hours with healthy stuff likes nuts, salads, fruits, and kept a diary of it) and no more french fries (lol mommy loves french fries). I loved wearing dresses at this time and heels, yes mommy wore heels til the doctor scold me about it. We found out your sex but we kept it to ourselves as well as your name til you were ready to meet us.

The third and FINAL trimester, was nerve wrecking.  The thought of you coming into this world in the next few months had not really hit me yet. The thought of holding you and changing your diaper ....ahhh ahhh so scary.  I continued to take walks, and eat right. We saw the doctor even more this last few months. We continued to monitor your heartbeat and it was strong and beating very fast. In the last month, it was really unnerving and scary. Had to go on medical leave because of preterm labor symptoms. And you came three weeks after, earlier than your due date. We were so excited to meet you but I guess you were too anxious and wanted to meet us sooner rather than later :)  The day you were born was the best day! You were so small, you were so adorable, so sweet and still am! I was in love with you, you are my princessa. Wow! I am your Mommy.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Beginning

This a blog about my baby girl, Lina,  and the fun, the excitement, the wonderment, the joy, the trials, and the tribulations of rearing her.

I am Chinese, born in Guangzhou, China, and my spouse is from San Juan, Trinidad.  We have a wonderfully adorable baby girl born in November of 2011.

Lina came into this world a bundle of energy.