Sunday, July 8, 2012

In the womb...

Lina <3 is seven months old now. She is getting so big and beautiful. My Princessa...

When we first found out that we were pregnant, we were ecstatic, scared and excited (if only there were words that can really expressed how we felt inside). Knowing that you were growing in my belly was the best gift in the world and it was an extension of Mommy and Daddy's love for each other. I rubbed my belly (your home for months) every day and night because it was this amazing feeling that was overwhelming, it's like "oh my gosh, I helped create you".

Our first doctor's appointment was amazing. We saw you, a tiny little black dot, on the sonogram (it was a transvaginal ultrasound),and we heard your heartbeat. Our hearts melted and I cried. It's my baba (that's what mommy called you, meaning baby). Your heartbeat was the beautiful sound we had ever heard. Who would had thought that we would be able to hear your heartbeat so early on. The first trimester went by fast and easy. I didn't have bad morning sickness, some nausea that would last a few minutes; but I was exhausted and had to use the bathroom a lot. We had decided to keep the news of you to ourselves til the second trimester because I did not want to share you and you were all mine. I tried to stay as healthy as possible especially when it came to my eating habits because whatever goes into my mouth was your food as well. I walked as much as possible. I drank a lot of water and urinated a lot....(that's thing about being pregnant, your bladder gets very compress). I went to work and came home and rest.

The second trimester was fun, and you were moving by 18 weeks. When you first moved, it was a weird and wonderful feelings (only a pregnant person would know). Daddy loved it and enjoyed rubbing my belly but sometimes you would not move for daddy (daddy would say that is you being a brat). My belly did not get that big but had started to show a little bit. We finally told all family and friends and they were happy and excited, everyone had a different opinion about the sex of the baby. Some of them even try to make bets about it. Later in the trimester, I was diagnosis with  gestational diabetes which was so scary because I do not want anything to happen to my baba, either in the womb, or during birth. So I walked everyday, and ate right (ate almost every 2 hours with healthy stuff likes nuts, salads, fruits, and kept a diary of it) and no more french fries (lol mommy loves french fries). I loved wearing dresses at this time and heels, yes mommy wore heels til the doctor scold me about it. We found out your sex but we kept it to ourselves as well as your name til you were ready to meet us.

The third and FINAL trimester, was nerve wrecking.  The thought of you coming into this world in the next few months had not really hit me yet. The thought of holding you and changing your diaper ....ahhh ahhh so scary.  I continued to take walks, and eat right. We saw the doctor even more this last few months. We continued to monitor your heartbeat and it was strong and beating very fast. In the last month, it was really unnerving and scary. Had to go on medical leave because of preterm labor symptoms. And you came three weeks after, earlier than your due date. We were so excited to meet you but I guess you were too anxious and wanted to meet us sooner rather than later :)  The day you were born was the best day! You were so small, you were so adorable, so sweet and still am! I was in love with you, you are my princessa. Wow! I am your Mommy.


  1. Beautiful story...I really enjoyed it ... So happy for you, now you know that being a mommy is hard work :) It's me, Ivette!