Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cradle Caps

Cradle Caps are dry, flaky, and scaly skin on top the baby's scalp. It is a term used for babies. They say that majority of babies get them, and so did my little baby. It started after turning three months old. It was just a few dry patches on top of her scalp. At first, just combing through was enough to get rid of it. After a few weeks of just combing (the teeth of the comb had to be very fine) it after bath time, it got worse. The flaky skin got thicker and it spread across her scalp, wherever her hair was, there was another dry patch. I try not to shampoo her hair every time she took a bath, hoping that it would help. Nope, it got worse. I read from Babycenter, that you could use olive oil to help with cradle caps. I used extra virgin olive oil on her scalp, and then comb. It worked wonders, so I thought. It got worse and was so bad that it was embedded in her scalp. It was hard to comb it out that even her doctor recommended a shampoo for the cradle caps. Ooopssiee.....I forgot to wash off the olive oil after it was on scalp. The steps are .... rub olive oil on the scalp, leave for few minutes (10-15mins), combed, shampoo, and dry off head with towel. It took several weeks for her scalp to get better. It finally started to look a lot better. Home remedies really do work and it beats putting chemicals on my baby's head. Now her scalp is still a little dry, but nothing is embedded on her scalp.  I am hoping that she will outgrow the cradle caps. Fingers and toes cross :)

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