Saturday, July 21, 2012

Reflecting on the Colorado movie theater shooting

Today is the day after the Colorado movie theater shooting, and it is such a tragedy. We hope the families of the victims are coping well; and we offer our deepest condolences. In times like this, words are hard to express, and sometimes, just silence and remembrance is best.

Below are two different news article that can give you a better picture of what had happen, if you have not been watching the news live yourselves:

Although my little Lina <3 is too young to understand what is going on, I decide to write about this because I want her to get a glimpse of what the world around her is like (of course, the world is not full of murders and killings).  Lina <3 and I watched the news every morning and in the evening since she was born, I talked to her about the news and want her to be aware of what is going on around her.

Our deepest condolences goes out to the families of all the victims and those affected by this terrible massacre.

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