Thursday, July 12, 2012

Unconventional "Toys"

Lina <3 loves play time which includes being on her tummy, crawling on her belly, rough and tumble with Mommy and Daddy, hide and seek, peek-a-boo, ....etc. 

This daughter of mine loves to play with her toys but once she sees me (or daddy) with our electronics such as our cellphones, TV remotes; or utensils, especially cups; she gets very excited, and starts waving her hands and reaching for Mommy and Daddy's "toys".

During playtime in the living room with selected toys on the floors for her to play with, she prefers searching for cables, pulling on curtains, or laundry baskets of clothes that needs to be put away. If those things are not available, or in her sight, she'll prefer to play with the mat on the floor. She is easily distracted if she sees me playing with her toys especially the ones that makes noise. Hanging out in the kitchen with Mommy and Daddy in her booster chair or sitting on our laps, she loves the cups on the table that are filled with water and if it is not filled with water, she loses interest fast. Water bottles (with or without water in it) are what she has most fun when we let her play with it. Television remote, she goes insane for; once, I let her slither around the clean kitchen table (while watching her and directing the way she should go) and once she gets a hold of it, it'll be hard to take it away. In the bedroom, she loves to crawl on our bed especially when there are pillows for climbing (it is so cute, she is starting to pull herself upright on the pillows); and loves playing the blanket. When she is laying down for diaper change, she likes to hold and suck on the diaper, or the bottles of the lotion, or diaper creams.

These are ways Lina <3 explores and find news to play with every day. As she uses her upper body more and more, she'll continue to look for new things to play with, to put in her mouth, to hold, and to see better when in her hands. I love my little Lina <3 the explorer (lol, get it? like Dora the explorer).

Note for Lina <3 when you get older and you read this: lol means laughing out loud  but they'll probably have new abbreviations.

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