Friday, July 27, 2012

Doctor's Appointment

Her monthly appointment to the doctor's was today. It went well. Healthy and getting bigger :)

The scale that weights the baby which she been using since her first appointment, she can't tolerate it now. As soon as Daddy set her down on the scale, she fussed, struggled and whined. The scale had that the disposable paper covering (that all doctors used for the patients) made too much noise for her. The doctor put her down to weight her, she rolled over, turned around in a circle, and fussed.

She had two vaccinations; and Daddy and I had to hold her down. She sat on Daddy's lap, her arms were held down by Daddy, and I held her legs. She is a little fighter, and struggled a lot in Daddy's lap. Her legs were strong and kicked hard... (ow for Mommy, just kidding). After the shots, she cried and cried :( my poor baby. Daddy and I  kissed the boo-boos but that did not make her stop crying.

The symptoms of her eczema has gotten worse due to the heat and humidity these few days. Her face is red, blotchy, and dry. It is recommended that we try different creams and hydrocortisone cream for the next few days. :sigh: my poor baby with eczema (I just do not want her to have any problems, I do not want her to be itchy, or in pain). I hope that it does not last long, and will go away on its on. Need to see a dermatologist.

In between the crying, and fussing, she enjoyed being at the doctor's office, looking around, and taking in everything. She liked seeing the mothers and other children in the office.

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