Saturday, July 21, 2012


When I had found that you were a girl, my first few thoughts were that I hope you have Daddy's height, Daddy's eye lashes, and my hair. Your hair was super straight when you were born, just like Mommy's. Mommy would had love your hair even if you were born with not so straight hair. Mommy loves you regardless and unconditionally.

(Lina loves to sleep with Mommy and was very comfortable.)
This picture was about a month after you were born. Look how straight your hair was. You were not born with that much hair on top of your head.

(A little sleepy but still want to play with the link on my hand)
 After a few weeks, this is what your hair looks like, picture above. A tad wavy.

(Lina can pull herself up in her bouncer chair)
picture above, Wavier hair...

Present time, my hair is wavy.  Has some curls that stays on top of head.

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