Tuesday, July 31, 2012


My baby is 8 months old!!  Eight months, I can't believe it. It did not seem that long ago that she was born. 
Look at what my baby can do:

My baby got her first tooth :) YAY!!!!  The tooth had completely peeped out. It is so exciting. Once she let's me take a picture of it, I'll post it. 
(has one tooth that came out, the second tooth is starting to peeped out right next to the first one.)

 Sitting Up
(Just learning to sit up)
She can sit up by herself, I was so proud of her. I clapped and cheered for her as she pushed her arms up, her butt up in the air, and then, she sat. She perfected sitting up by herself in less than a week. Now, she can sit one way, then turn herself around, and sit another way. :) It is so cute! 

 Pulling self up and Standing up
(Above, pulling self up)
She is also pulling herself up by herself, and stand up while holding onto something. I clapped, and cheered for my baby...YAY!! I am a proud Mommy! She learned how to pull herself up and perfected it in less than a week.

Lina <3 is so amazingly beautiful, and adorable. I absolutely love her so much! I know that she will continue to grow and develop, and Daddy and I are loving it.

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