Saturday, July 28, 2012

Reviews on Toys

Lina <3 loves playtime, either with toys or with her parents. She particularly loves being chased, and "rough up" by her Daddy on the bed. She also learning to play by herself with her toys.

The toys that she enjoys most (or not) are as followed and the reviews:
(1-5 rating scale, with 5 being the highest)
the first bullet is how Lina <3 plays with (or not play) and enjoys (or not enjoy) the toys
the second bullet are reviews from Mommy.

Little Tikes 5 in1 adjustable Activity Gym-
  • My baby did not like this in the beginning, it was scary for her. I used to put her down on her back so she can use her feet to kick upward and play; but all she did was cry, or just looked up at me, and wanted to play with me instead. However, as she learned to sit up and stand up with support, she mimics me playing with it, and she learned how to use it; until she realize that she can bring her mouth to it which was more fun. Now, she plays with it and enjoys it more especially since she can stand, sit, and crawl underneath.
  • The gym itself was overall a good toy, I mean who wouldn't want a toy that does more than one thing. The best thing is that it did not require batteries, who has the time to buy batteries, when you're busy with the baby, and need to spend the money else where like diapers, diapers and more diapers. The wheel for the spinning, I keep it inside the socket, because it look flimsy. The only thing I didn't like was that the music is a little too loud, and that the volume was not adjustable. A rating of 3.5.
Vtech Sit to Stand Learning Walker-
  • My baby is starting to learn to walk with support :) what a big step. I hold her hands on the handle, direct and guide her to use her little feet. Most of the time, its Mommy making her move, because she is so busy eating/licking the handle, lol. 
  • The toy, itself, is good. It did not require batteries ... yay! The music is great, and has 2 settings, I usually keep it at the first setting which is not too loud.  It is also educational, where it tells you shapes and colors, as well as play peek-a-boo. The walker allows for grabbing, to open n close, to press, to take off a toy, and to spin. The handle to hold is too big for my baby's little hands. The walker is versatile where it is a walker or a toy that can be detach to be play on the floor.  A rating of 4.
Sassy Sensory Ball Set
  • Lina <3 likes these, it is soft, and hard, rattles, crinkle, and bouncy. When it bounces, and rolls, she likes to crawl around on the floor with them. Lina <3 likes to put these balls in her mouth as well, is there anything that does not go in her  It is not her favorite toys but she enjoys them.
  • On each of the three balls, the texture is different. Each ball rolls, one rolls further than the other, and she chases after them. The ball set allows her to touch, grab, and hold. Easy cleaning. A rating of 3.
Sassy Sensation Station Suction Toy
  • She like the toy. Can hold it, and put it in her mouth. Likes to pick it, swing it around, and then drop it over and over again.
  • It keeps my baby busy while she is on the high chair and hanging out in the kitchen with Mommy. It has different toys to spin, and turn. One of the toys makes music which is not too loud, one melody.  There is no on and off switch for the melody. No battery necessary. It does not stick too well on the tray of her high chair or it can be that she is so strong and can pull it off. She is working her muscles. :) A rating of 3.
Sassy Phone
  • Like this phone, but Lina <3 have not learn to flip it open and close yet. She mostly chew on it when the phone it close. When the phone is open, she may press the buttons, and pay attention to the light if she is not eating it.  
  • This toy makes a good take along. It is small. The thing I do not like about this toy is that the volume is too low, and can hardly hear anything. It does not require batteries. It has Spanish and English greetings which is good to learn another language (in addition to Chinese) even if it is just a couple of words. The handle on the phone is good for grabbing and holding, especially my baby's little hands. A rating of 2.5.
Oball Rattle 
  • Lina <3 love to watch the rattle bounce up and down, and how it rolls on the floor. The color of this ball is red. It is easy to grab, and wave around without hurting her head when she bangs on her head. Love to play with it on her high chair, and dropping it on the floor.
  • The best part is that it is BPA, PVS, latex and phthalates free. A lot of toys that look interesting does not state this. This ball is bendy, and makes noise when shaken or bounced. It is easy to grab. It is rubbery, so it does not hurt my baby when she bangs it. It is good for her little fingers to grab, and hold. A rating of 5.
Fisher Price Laugh Learn, Click n Learn Remote
  • Like the light, and music on this remote. This keeps her occupied. One of the toys that she prefers. She does not pay much attention to the buttons. It goes in her mouth majority of the time.
  • The remote is a little big to grab, but she makes the most of it. There is no volume control for the music, which is too loud, especially when the speaker is facing upright. It has songs, numbers, and colors which makes it educational. Did not require batteries. Easy to wipe down and clean. A rating of 4.
Fisher Price Little Superstar Classical Stacker
  • Have not learn how to stack yet, but can take the stars out and put it in her mouth or bangs it on the floor. Likes the lights, and music. She likes it when Mommy spins it like a dradle. When it stops spinning, she goes to it, and picks up the whole thing. Not a favorite toy. 
  • This stacker is oversize, too large for my baby's little hands to hold on to. It does have good lights, and music but it does not last long. The color scheme is good.  The texture on the stars is good for sensory modulation. Did not require batteries. A rating of 2.5.
Bright Starts Lots of Links
  • She loves these. One of her first toys. She can hold it them, throw them around, suck on them, and look at it. She loved to pull them apart when they are attach, she is so strong.
  • Very colorful. Different textures. Can attach to other toys. Great for travel, and take along. It attaches to car seats which keeps her occupied in the car. The only thing that bothers me is that I am unable to find out what these links are made of. It is easy to grab and hold. It is a rating of 4.
Bright Starts Grab and Stack Blocks
  • Likes the blocks. She does not stack them yet, but does like to knock them down when Mommy stacks them. Likes the noise that come out of each block. She can grab and hold it. 
  • Bright colors. Cool blocks. Educational with letters, numbers, and animals. It rattles and crinkles. It is soft in textures. Easy for grabbing. Easy cleaning. A rating of 5.
Bright Starts Tummy Time Cruisers  
  • Another one of her first toys. At first, she did not like this because she did not like tummy time. As she slowly gain strengthen in her upper body, she learn to like to use the mat, and toys that came with it. 
  • Mommy liked the pink, and it helped with tummy time. She is older now, so she doesn't need it anymore but we use it for other purposes. It is versatile because it can be separated and used for travel, or playtime. Easy to clean and take care of. A rating of 5.
Baby Einstein Teethers
  •  She likes to put these teethers in her mouth, especially when it's chilled. It is helping with her teething process. Likes to shake the teethers because it is also a rattle.
  • Great colors and rattles. It does not stay cold for long. Easy to carry and take a long for traveling. It is easy to clean. A rating of 4.5.
FAO Schwarz Teddy bear
  •  She did not really pay attention it in the beginning. But now, she "talks" to the teddy bear, and plays with. It's her buddy :)
  • It was a gift. Nice toy for her first teddy bear. It is easy to clean as well. A rating of 5.
Infantino Stick & Spin Monkey
  • When she first got it, she just stared at it, and did not want to play with. As I taught how it moves, and clicks, she started to play with it and enjoys it.
  • Does not stick well to the high chair which kind of defeats the point of it. Mostly, she puts it in her mouth, what doesn't go into that mouth of hers. Easy cleaning. A rating of 3.5.

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