Monday, July 9, 2012

your birth story...

Lina <3, seven months ago, you were born... here's the story of your birth, which I will be telling you on your birthdays when you turn one, two, three, .....etc.

The day of your birth was a pretty good day. I had been home for three weeks on bed rest due to preterm labor symptoms and was already dilated 4cm. We had just saw the doctor that morning and the doctor said that you are 6cm dilated and need to see her in three days, if you could wait that long. At home, I finished packing "a go" for the hospital (just in case) for all three of us. My contractions were getting stronger in that evening. Around 11pm, contractions were stronger and closer and it was time to go. The doctor did not answer our calls and we left messages telling her that we were on our way to the hospital. I have the worst chills and was shivering a lot (I did not enjoyed that part). I handled the pain pretty well (overall, I handle pain well and my doctor knew that about me as well) but these contractions were baddddddd...... (on top of that, my tailbone hurt even more during the contractions because I had fell down the stairs three years ago and it never really healed properly). Waking up your daddy and telling him it's time to go and watching him get ready makes me laugh now (but not then). Daddy went to "pretty himself up" by washing his face, brushing his teeth, changing his clothes, and taking his sweet time while I had been downstairs already waiting to go to the car.

In the car, the heat was on high because I was so cold!!! My water broke in the parking lot of hospital, which felt like urinating  the size of Niagara Falls. It came so fast that I did not realize that it was happening til afterwards. As soon as I went to the ER, went right into a wheelchair so Daddy can wheeled into the admitting office. It was so painful that I could hardly speak, I just close my eyes and clenched my teeth, and sometimes, curse words came out of my mouth. I was already 9cm dilated, the resident doctor said; the hospital staff told me that my doctor had just left after delivering two babies. I just want to get it over with... all they did was ask questions, questions, and more questions. I needed antibiotics since I was positive for Group B Strep. I had originally did not want an epidural and even refused to the idea of it but that was before I was about to give birth, lol. I just wanted the pressures, shivers, the pain to go away, but the dose of the epidural was an small amount. Since I had the shivers, it was very hard to stay still for the injection but I did it! Meanwhile, Daddy was trying to keep me calm, trying to massage my pain away, and I'm like "do not touch me", "do not even look/talk to me" lol.

The doctor finally came back :) and now it was time to get to work..."push as if I was having an bowel movement" (the doctor said). The epidural did get rid of most of the pain but you could still feel the pressure that told me to push. I had to hold my legs up, while Daddy supported my neck, and PUSH! ahhh ahhh push, push (I can still feel it now). After an hour or so, out came your head, Daddy was so excited that he saw your head full of hair. Then came you, it was so beautiful, you were so beautiful, covered in fluid and stuff :) You are healthy. You have ten tiny toes and fingers :) I was so anxious to hold you but when the nurse placed you on me, I was too afraid to move you, or to squeeze you too tight. Lina <3 had entered the world at 3am, at 6 lbs. It was the most spectacular day. I was so glad to meet you after all these months, it finally hit me that I am going to be your mommy. You also met your grandparents and uncle, whom came after the delivery. Then you were taken to the nursery for your routine procedures, and Daddy followed you (I made sure it), to make sure you are safe and sound. Mommy was so nervous when you went to the nursery, because I do not want you to be leave my side.

After four hours or so, you came back to me but you were sleeping and I did not want to wake you. I just watched you sleep, watched your eyes move even though it was closed, listened to your breathing, and watch my baba. A lactation nurse was requested and helped Lina <3 feed. We did a lot of skin to skin contact. It was a wonderful feelings, having you so close to me. I promise to protect you and keep you safe. Wherever Mommy goes, Lina <3 goes. You finally latched on, it was a weird feeling but a good sensation. I loved watching you feed (and still do).  Breast milk all the way! Daddy was there the whole time, spending the night with us. When he had left to go home to get some stuff, it was the best thing for me, a new mother because it gave me the courage and confidence I needed to take care of you. Your first diaper was so cool because it was so small.  The first poop diaper was weird but that was normal for newborn :) We fed, change diapers (oh so many diapers), and slept.

We went home after four days, it was the most special day for us. Your going home outfit was so big and cute on you. It was so scary putting that outfit on you because you were so small and fragile. Pawpaw (grandmother in Cantonese) was there to take care of us. Daddy surprised us with welcome home signs, and decorations. I cried. We were finally home, where you belong. It's you and me against the world!

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