Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pointy Finger

My little Lina<3 has learned how to point within the last week or so. You had watched Daddy and Mommy point with our index finger and you want to do the same thing. When we point to something, we also make sure that you know what we are pointing at and make sure you look in the direction of where we are pointing to. Now you can tell us what you want. You had only point using your right hand, the index finger, but yesterday you started to use your left hand as well.
Pointing during playtime when you can not reach for your toys, when you want us to play with you, when you want to play music, and when you want your toys that you threw out of your play area. Pointing during mealtime, especially when you are ready to have a drink, when you want to your food, and when you drop the bottle. Pointing when we go out for walks while you are sitting in your stroller :) Sometimes it is hard to figure out what you are pointing at, because you do not always point in the exact direction of what you want but always close enough to for Mommy to figure it out.

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