Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another Bad Night...

Another couple of hours during the night time where you refused to go back to sleep on your own. I just do  not understand.
You went sleep after 8:30pm and slept until 2am. 2am, changed your diaper, cleaned you up, nursed you, and back to your crib you went. Slept for 15mins and then was up again, this time you did not go to sleep even after Mommy patted your back, and rubbed your head. So thought a change of scenery might help and into Mommy's bed you go, played, climbed, and tugged at Mommy's shirt for breast milk. Back to your crib you went after 3am, and slept for 15 minutes, up, and cried loudly. Mommy waited a while to check in on you. After 4am, you came to Mommy's bed, nursed and slept til 7am.

I do not understand why you are unable to fall back to sleep on your own. It can not be because your tummy is empty and you are hungry. Could it be the drastic change in temperature, as a few days ago it was in the 40s, yesterday was in the 60s? Could it be your eczema symptoms bothering you? What is the reason? hmm...

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