Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Little Screamer

Lina<3, you have become quite the screamer for the past few weeks. Screaming with your mouth open, very high pitch, and very loud. It could be deafening if you do it close to Daddy's or Mommy's ears. It started with just a high pitch squeal which became a high pitch and loud scream, lol. It is screams of excitement, and joy. It happens when you are having fun, too much fun :)
You scream when you are playing, during diaper changed (when you are not scratching up a storm, or fussy), during meals and while outside. Sometimes it is in the mornings only, or the evenings, or all day long, lol. It is fun to see you scream because Daddy and I wonders what is going on in that head of yours, and it makes laugh and smile to see how happy you are.
My little screamer, you are. Daddy and I just need to be anticipatory when it comes to your screaming especially when you are near us. So go ahead and scream!

I scream, you scream, we all screamed for ice cream! lol

Note to Lina<3: you'll learn indoor and outdoor voices later, for the time being, Mommy is going to let you be you

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