Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nice Day for Playground Fun

Nice weather calls for a outing yesterday.  Lina<3 took advantage of the weather by going outside :) Have not been outside in almost a week. Found a playground nearby for Lina<3 to go to…yay! Took a  long walk to the playground and spent some time there. Went on the swings for the first time :) and did not cry at all when I put you on it, and swing you because you were busy watching the two other children there running around. You liked watching those two kids running away, and playing with each other, that you even called out to them, and waved to them even though they could not hear you or see you. There were times when you were not happy because those two children were in your sight, and you realized you were doing something new. There were also a lot of noise from trucks which startled you at first.

After playing, you sat back on your stroller and had your cookies and water for snack time. When snack time was over, it is time to go home. As you can see in the last picture, you were exhausted from playing.

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