Wednesday, November 7, 2012


It is almost a year of nursing my little Lina<3. The nursing has been less demanding and constant. You as a newborns were nursed two to three hours a day. Months passed, you were nursed three to four hours, then four to five hours. Now being breastfed is one to three times during the day and one to two times a night. It is also hard to nurse because you had learned to bite already. When you do bite, Mommy stop nursing and nurse again after a few minutes, telling you, "do not bite Mommy". I had read that it could be signs to start weening. Weening? Hmm, I do not know yet, will see if Lina<3 is up for it or not. If not, Mommy does not mind nursing pass one years old.
I love when I am nursing my baby, it is a certain closeness that I have with my daughter. Now you hold onto me when you do not want to stop nursing or thinks you are too far from my chest, it is so cute.

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