Thursday, November 8, 2012

Favorite Toy

For the past couple of months, your favorite toy is the duck (ducky or quack quack, as Daddy and Mommy calls it sometimes). It was one of your first gifts from Mommy’s friend. You have fun with the duck when you are your play area. Lina<3 gives the duck hugs, and gives the duck for Mommy to hug. The duck sits with you when you do not throw it around, lol. Mommy taught you how to give the duck kisses, but majority of the time, you just put the duck’s beck into your mouth instead. (I guess the kisses are save for Daddy and Mommy). When Daddy or Mommy asked you, “where’s your duck?”, you look for it in your play area with your eyes and then you go and find it, when you see it (sometimes, it take several repeats of the question before you look for the duck).  
(tried to get you to take a picture wit your favorite duck, but you absolutely did not want to, lol, wanted the camera instead)

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