Sunday, November 4, 2012

First Hurricane-before and after

Hurricane Sandy
It is Lina’s<3 first hurricane, hopefully the last one as well.
Sunday Oct 28, 2012, as the hurricane nears the northeastern coast, the winds got stronger. Monday, Oct 29, 2012, the storm was coming. From the window, Lina<3 watched the strong winds knock on the windows; and watched the winds sway the bushes, and trees outside. As the rain comes down, Lina<3 listened to it. It was startling for Lina<3 at first, to hear all these noises that the winds were making against the house. Lost power in the evening, thank goodness the house was warm enough to stay the night.  Tuesday, Oct 30, 2012, as it got darker and darker throughout the day and into the evening, it was time to leave the house and go to PorPor’s (grandmother in Cantonese) house. Lina<3 was very fussy and anxious in the evening, as it was packing time and did not want to play by yourself. Constantly want to be pick up.  The pictures below are from PorPor’s house. Spent four nights and five days there. It was something that Lina<3 had to adjust; to more noises (yes, it was noisy at PorPor”s house); to more people around you; to a different environment (although Lina’s been there before, it is different when you need to spend day and night there); and to a different sleeping environment and habit. Lina<3 loved it there, spending time, and lots of playtime with PorPor and GongGong (grandfather in Cantonese). You finally got used to playing with GongGong. It was good for Mommy to have someone else watch Lina<3 during the day, even though I was always nearby. I finally let go of the over-protectiveness I had for you and let PorPor or GongGong watched while I was in another room. You laughed, you had new things to see, new things to put in your mouth, listened to a lot of Chinese (as your grandparents does not speak English well). You even walked for PorPor and I. The first night was the hardest, as it was not your crib, and you were sleeping with Mommy in twin bed (you kicked hard, when you would wake up in the middle of the night to change your position). Mommy had to constantly nursed you but it got easier the following nights. Nap time was fine, when you slept, Mommy slept or at least lied next to you. Meal time went well, ate all your foods, and snacks. The only person who did not spend time with you was KauhFu (uncle in Cantonese). Daddy stayed at home to watched the house, and it was also closer to work. After five long days, your grandparents know what a handful you are, but they love you dearly!There’s a shortage of gasoline in gas stations, or should Mommy say, no gasoline. Daddy’s waiting for gas, hours has passed, and being patient. Ended up leaving after hours with no gas…grrr. It took days to get gasoline for the car.
Friday, Nov 2, 2012, took a walk around the neighborhood and…Saturday, Nov 3, 2012 home at last. Power came back on after five days. There’s Lina<3 enjoying a cookie on you highchair. Thank you PorPor and GongGong for taking us in :)We did not have any damages on our property, just some fallen branches. Everything is well on our end, hope that everyone else is as well.

To our family, and friends, we are glad that you lived through the storm. I know that some of you may have more damages than others but  you and your family members are hanging in there. Take it one day at a time. Let us know if you need anything. Please take care of yourself and your love ones.  From Lina’s<3 family.
To our extended family (our supporters of All About Lina<3), if you were affected by the hurricane either directly or indirectly, please be safe and stay safe. We are hoping that everything goes well with rebuilding (if any), and wishing that life goes back to normal as soon as possible. Please take care and be well. Our hearts go out to you. From Lina’s<3 family.

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