Monday, November 12, 2012

Bad Night...

Ahh! go to sleep. You had a terrible last night, from 12am to 3am. Woke up and refused to go back to sleep. Did not want to sleep at all, although Mommy could tell you were exhausted. You managed to stay up for three longggg hours.
12 am, you woke up, Mommy went to check on you, changed your diaper and cleaned you up, nursed, and slept for 10mins. Woke up again, but Mommy waited a while to check in on you, hoping that you will fall back to sleep by yourself like you usual do around this time. Cried for almost 30minutes, but it was not hysterical or loud, it was a "eh, eh" cry, that is not suppose to last long or so Mommy thought. Went to check on you again after 1am, you were still lying down, cried, unable to fall back to sleep on your own, and scratched your head, thighs, and ankles a lot. Picked you up and brought to you Mommy's bed, you played, tossed and turned, and rolled over; climbed on Daddy and I; and screamed, smiled, and giggled. Brought you back to your crib after 30minutes of play, hoping that it will tired you out. Yes, you were laid down on your crib, patted your back, shushed you, rubbed your head and you drifted off. For five minutes only, you were up, cried out loud, and did not stop for a long time, as Mommy did not want to check on you right away, hoping that you will fall back to sleep on your own. Went to check on you. Changed your pjs, as it seemed like it made you hot and itchy, but did not relieve the scratching at all. So Mommy wiped you down completely with a damp cloth and moisturized your entire body from head to toe, hoping that it will cool your body down and bring back moisture to your skin so you will be less itchy. Thank goodness for the ScratchMeNot mittens, otherwise you would be covered in blood and scratch marks from all the scratching. After moisturizing and playing with you in your crib, Mommy patted your back, shushed you and hoped you go to sleep and left the room. Five minutes later, you were up again, argh. You came to Mommy's bed to sleep, no more playtime, as you were so tired. You managed to sleep next to Daddy and I, after Mommy's constant rubbing of head, rubbing belly, and pats on back. Slept finally after 3am to after 7am (then it was time to get up for the day).

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