Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mommy's Going Back to Work :(

My little Lina<3:

I have something to tell you.  Mommy is sure that you heard it already, with Daddy and I talking about it a lot.  Mommy already talked to you about it, and how I am going to miss you so much.  Mommy is going back to work full time.  I know that there has not been a day where Mommy left you for a entire day.  It will be a big adjustment for you, not having Mommy around during the day, to beat up, to hug, to hit, to kiss, to pull, to scream with, to play with...  Mommy know that you will be just fine, after a few days.  The plan is that PorPor is taking care of you for three days a week, during the day, while I work.  Daddy and I will drop you off and then we will see you at the end of the work day.  Do not worry, it will only be a few hours...about eight hours or so.  Mommy promise to call you during the day and once Mommy shows PorPor how to use Skype, we can see each other during the day.  It is going to be so hard to leave you for the day :(  Mommy knows that you will be in good hands, but I still worry because your Mommy is not there with you.  You are going to have so much fun with PorPor, you will spend your days at her house, take walks, play, learn Chinese, and go to the park.  And before you know it, Mommy will be right back at her house to pick you up.

So April 10, 2013 is the big day for us.  We will doing a trial run this week for three days to see how you can handle being away from Mommy.. (or how I will handle it...ahh!)

Know that Daddy and Mommy loves you very much!  Mommy will always be a phone call away. 

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