Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Morning Cuddles

For the past few weeks Lina<3, you have been waking up early. 6am, 6:15am, 6:30am, has been your usual times. It was fine with Mommy, since you have had slept through the entire night for three nights in a row (Yeah, a new record). When you wake up early in the morning, Mommy let you played a little bit in your crib before coming to get you (majority of the time, Daddy went to pick you), and brought you to bed with Mommy. Instead of giving Mommy a morning kiss and hug, you pointed to Mommy's phone (to play on the Window 8 phone Kids Zone). It kept you occupied while Mommy caught some shut-eye moments. When  you get bored with the phone, you walked on the bed, screamed in excitement, called for Daddy (who was getting ready for work), played with your toys, jumped on Mommy, rolled around on Mommy, and climbed down from the bed to floor, and wanted to come back up. Later after playing on the bed, you give Mommy kisses and hugs. It is always nice to start off the morning like that. Mommy treasures all these moments with you.

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