Thursday, March 7, 2013

Silly Things that You Do

Lina<3, you make Mommy smile all the time with the silly antics that you do.
Some of these antics you do are:
  • walk around while your arms are held behind you. It is the silliest thing that you do. Mommy smiles and giggles whenever you do this; and ask you "what are you doing?", "why are you doing that?", and "are  you trying to make Mommy laugh?"
  • walk towards Mommy while waving a wooden spoon in the air. As soon as you reach me, you hit Mommy in the buttocks with the wooden spoon. Mommy always tells you not to hit me and that it is not nice to hit, but I can not help to smile and laugh, which makes you laughs and smiles as well. This silly behavior is becoming a habit, always at the same time, while Mommy prepares dinner in the kitchen, and you are playing with Mommy's kitchen pots, pans, and utensils. Mommy is trying to be consistent so that hitting does not become a habit.
  • stuffing your toys inside your shirt, and pants, lol or inside Mommy's or Daddy's shirt, shirt pockets, pant's pockets.  Daddy taught you this by hiding toys inside your pants. You would hide your toys in your clothing or ours, and then struggle to get it out. When you can not get it out easily, you get frustrated, and let out a scream (which is your way of letting Mommy know that you need help).
  • playing with your saliva. This is definitely something that should not be developed into a habit because it is yucky. Your fingers goes in your mouth, play with your salvia, comes over to Mommy and puts your wet fingers on Mommy's face. You love to see Mommy's reaction and makes you smile, and thinks it is funny. Mommy reinforces that it is not a nice thing to do.
  • whenever Mommy or Daddy sits on your play mat to play with you, you would try to push us on the floor, so you can climb all over us. When we would not budge from your pushing, you push even harder (seems like its with all your efforts). You do not give up until we lie down on the mat. As soon as we do, you climb all over us; putting your buttocks in our faces; laying down on our tummies, or legs; or putting your toys on top of our bellies. Most of the time, you like to sit on top of Mommy's belly, and bounced up and down. It is fun. Daddy and I follow your instructions on how you want to play/climb.
  •  mauh muah muah kissy for Mommy but when I come to you for my kisses, you run away from me (as if you were trying to trick Mommy and make Mommy chase you). Mommy laughs when you do this :) You repeat this for a couple of times, and then finally give me a kiss. It is fun to chase you for my kiss because you run away so fast, and laughing as you run.  You do the same thing to Daddy as well.
These are just some of the silly antics that you do, and I am sure that it would not be the last of it. I am pretty sure that you get your silliness from Daddy. Mommy tries to capture these silly moments but it is so hard because you are very alert and knows when the camera is on you. When the camera comes out, you reach for it right away, so the moment is lost except in Mommy's memories-one of the many cherished and treasured moments. These silly antics are done daily or every other day. Mommy loves you, and all that you do.

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