Thursday, March 7, 2013

Updated Sidebar...

Lina<3, Mommy organized the sidebar on your blog and tried to make it better

All Things _____... Sidebar is ready for you to explore when you are ready. The sidebar is on the right hand side, so just need to scroll down to check it out.

All Things Interesting Sites: include websites that are not only interesting but informative about parenthood, about baby's development, clothing companies, and websites about literacy.

All Things Cool Multicultural Mom Bloggers: are other Mommies (not Mommy-me) who love to blog about their lifestyles, interests, motherhood, parenthood... and so much more.

All Things Eczema - Education, Blogs: are very informative and extremely helpful for me when I was just learning about eczema.

All Things Chinese - Education, Resources, Music, Food, Blogs, Fun: has been updated with more sites that are not only fun to check out but informative.

All Things "Trini to the Bone" - History, Music, News, Food, Fun: includes all things Trinidadian related. Mommy can not believe that I forget to include this part of your culture.

Please check out the sites when you get older, and hope that the websites still exist later on. You are my precious little one, and Mommy is trying to ensure that you get the best of every aspect of the world.

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