Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Following Directions

Lina<3, you are getting better and better at following directions. Mommy started to direct you to do simple things like close the cabinet doors that you were not suppose to open, and pick up you toy. Mommy points to the item that I want to you pick up, you stare at it for a while, you point to it and then you go and pick it after Mommy repeats "go pick your toy".  Mommy gives you other instructions such as "give it to me" or "give it to Daddy" and once you understood that the words became "give it to me (or Daddy) please" or "may I have it please". You also know how to put things back in its place when Mommy ask you to put it back, and you tend to do it, but not all the time. Also, other requests such as "where's your duck, or book, or bear?", you go and find it, and show it to Mommy. These request works best when you are in a fussy, and whiny mood.
99% of the time, you follow these instructions.

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