Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Spoon and Self Feeding

Since last Christmas, Mommy had gave you a spoon to hold during lunch and dinner time. Having you hold the spoon was the only way to get you to eat more. And you have been eating better. After holding the spoon, you learned to put the spoon in the bowl to play with your food (when Mommy puts the bowl in front of you on your tray). You would try to scoop the food onto the spoon and try to feed Mommy. Usually you do not scoop up much food onto the spoon but the concept is there, so it is a good step. This past two weeks, Mommy helped you scoop food onto your spoon, and assisted you in feed yourself by bringing the spoon to your mouth. This past three days, you are trying to feed yourself.  You actually scoop up some food onto your spoon and bring it to your mouth, all by yourself, ALL BY YOURSELF! :) It is funny because most of the food falls down on your bib. I am glad that you are learning to feed yourself. With more practice, Mommy knows that you will enjoy your meals more. Mommy is so proud of you for this new milestone.

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