Friday, April 5, 2013

Trial Run at PorPor's house

My Precious Little Lina<3,

These past three days including today, have been extremely hard on both of us.  I am uncertain whom is taking it harder, you or I?  I guess that we both are.

Mommy is going back to work so we are doing a trial run with PorPor, where Mommy leaves you with her for hours, and you have to get use to me not being with you all day long.  PorPor (grandmother in Cantonese) will take good care of you, with all the instructions and guidelines that Mommy had prepared for her.  You played with PorPor, go the park, go for walks, go to the market, and play at her house.  From what PorPor said, you are well behaved, not too much fussiness, scratching, crying or temper tantrums.  You listened well.  The only thing that Mommy is concerned about are diaper changes, (we are on the third and last day of the trial run, and you have a terrible diaper rash), nap time (you are refusing to go to sleep in the travel crib, and does not want PorPor to put you to sleep even though you are tired), and meal time (when PorPor feeds you, you are not eating that much).  I believe that you will just fine, and dainty.  With enough time, you will no longer cry that much for Mommy, you will take naps, and you will eat from PorPor. 

Mommy misses you very much, when you are not with me.  I felt lost without you.  I want to turn around, and see you.  I want to hear your voice in the next room.  I  want my little baby to be right with me.  I know you are probably thinking, what am I going to do when you go off to school... homeschooling is always an option, maybe, lol.

I know that you miss me very  much as well, because when I come back to PorPor's house, you have the biggest smile on your face, and reach over for me to hold you.  I got a lot of hugs, and kisses from you, which I love.  You hold me so tight that you do not want me to let you go.  I love it so much.  I love you so much.

So next week, on Wednesday is "D-day" ("Doomsday"-means that the day is finally coming), we need to brace ourselves.

I  love you very much :)

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