Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gluten Free Foods

To My Lina<3,

We have been trying gluten free foods for the last few weeks.  So far, it is good for your skin and does not make your symptoms of eczema worst.  You enjoy it very much, and cannot tell the difference.

The products that we are trying are:
1. Happy Baby organic puffs, gluten free.  We have tried all the favors except for purple carrot and blueberry.  Yes, when I said we, I meant you tried it, and Mommy tried it as well.  Whatever goes into your mouth, Mommy make sure that I try it too.  These puffs are go to snacks.  When you know it is snack time, you go to cabinets where the puffs are stored and point to it and tell Mommy that is the snack you want to eat.  These are easy to find in supermarkets, Babies R Us, WalMart, and Target, just to name a few.

2.  Rice Krispies Gluten Free Cereal from Kelloggs.  I was so glad that I found these in the supermarket.  Although it is not organic, I thought you should try it, to see if gluten free is better for your skin.  This are a good alternative for breakfast, and for snack time.  You do not like it so much but will eat it.

3. Pasta, Gluten free TruRoots fusilli pasta, gluten free and elbows pasta, gluten free.  You enjoy eating these pastas.  You enjoyed picking the pasta with your hands and eating it with your fingers.

4. Glutino blueberry breakfast bars, gluten free; pretzel twists, gluten free; and pretzel sticks, gluten free.  These snacks you love.  Mommy needs to be extra careful about the pretzels, only give you a small piece at a time.  The blueberry breakfast bar, you love but I tried to not to give it to you so often, since the sugar content is high.

5. ArrowHead Mill organic sprouted corn flakes: Mommy was so glad to find this.  It is a nice alternative for breakfast.  You like it, but not too often.

6. Bread, gluten free as well.  It was hard to find this bread, but so glad that I found it.  It is a gluten free, raisin cinnamon bread (I do not recall the brand, once I do, I will update).  You love to eat bread.  I found this in Whole Food supermarket.  We are also trying gluten free waffles, but you do not like it so much after one try.

Gluten free products are doing well for you skin.  The redness of  your cheeks does not appear as often.  These gluten free products were fairly decent in price except for the bread.  We will try to stay as gluten free as possible.

I love you, Lina<3.  I hope that you continue to eat everything that Mommy gives you.

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