Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Very Good Eveing

Lina<3, you had a very good evening yesterday, just before bedtime and after dinnertime. You were so playful, smiling, giggling, laughing, and screaming. After dinner, it was time to play with Daddy and I in the living room.  We had not had an non fussy evening in a few days. You were chased by Daddy, your toy dog (that Daddy held and chase you with it) and Mommy. You crawled so fast when being chase, and sometimes you like to be chase when you are walking. Climbed on Mommy then on Daddy, then on your toys, well more like sit on top of your stuff animals, duck and dog, lol. At times, you played by yourself with your toys, others, you just want to walk from one side of room to other side and back.
It is nice when all of us are together-Lina<3, Daddy and Mommy. We usually do this every evening after dinner. 

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