Wednesday, December 19, 2012


The last two mornings, you had been on your phone for at least five minutes. You have a play telephone. During playtime, Mommy stays nearby so you can play (you do not play well by yourself without nearby me watching), and goes "ring ring ring" (as an indication to you that your telephone is ringing) and you look for it inside your toy box. Once you see it and pick it up to play. You hold it to your ear (well as close to your ear as possible, which is on your shoulder) as if you are answering the telephone :) It is so cute. At first you would listen to the telephone, then Mommy goes "hello", you make utterances/babbles onto the telephone, then you would walk back and forth with the telephone. While on the telephone, you would scream, talk really loud, get quiet, and go back to babbling a lot. Sometimes you would throw your free arm (that's not holding the telephone) up in the air, as if you are having an argument with someone, lol. This goes on for about five minutes and you do it a few times throughout the morning. It is so interesting and funny to watch you have a whole conversation with yourself on the telephone.

It is interesting that you understand the concept of the telephone as no one in this household uses the conventional land lie telephones (which is what your play telephones looks like...the picture below is what your telephones looks like, except it is purple and the other telephone is yellow).

Daddy and I taught you to "answer" your telephone by holding it up to your ear and saying "hello" as well as holding it up to our ears. It took several days of practicing before you held it up to your ears (or shoulder, lol) on your own. You are imitating Daddy and I :)


  1. It's great when kids learn things from us and then do it on their own :) Keep teaching her

    1. Hello Nikki! and thank you for commenting :) Yes, it is great when kids learn new things and start to imitate us :) it is funny and cute as well. She is getting so big :) How is your son? He is getting bigger and doing new things as well :)