Monday, December 17, 2012

Temper Tantrum...

...yes, Lina<3, I believe that you are starting to have temper tantrums for a at least for more than a couple of months already. At first, it was just protest when Mommy told you no to opening the doors to the kitchen cabinets, and to picking up the floor mats; where you would babble your discontent with me with utterances, shaking your head to me and sit down firmly from a standing position and would not move at all from the kitchen or the mat. Now it seemed to be a full blown temper tantrum, crying hysterically (sometimes for a short time, and others for a longer period of time), face get beet red, tears starts to stream down your cheeks, shaking head "no" continuously, body gets tense, arms waving in the arm in dislike of what I am saying, and very loud (sometime screaming) utterances that seemed to be your way of arguing with me. You would have a short temper when it comes to Daddy or I disrupts your playtime, what you are doing, tells you that you can not have something (such as cellphones, the electronics stuffs), tells you not to eat paper or put your books in your mouth, and when you are pulling the fabric on the couch pillows. When you get a temper tantrum, it shows how frustrated you are and upset you get. It is hard to calm you down, talk to you, and to distract you unless Daddy or I pick up and bring you to a different area that fantasizes you.

Mommy wonders where you get your short temper from. From Mommy...hmmm I do not think so, well...maybe. From Daddy...who thinks that he does not get angry or have a temper at all...

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