Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hugs and Kisses

Yes Lina<3 you give hugs and kisses.
It is so nice when you wake up in a very good mood, I come into your room to get you up and say good morning to you, you smile, laugh, and comes over to me and gives me a kiss (without having to ask and sometimes beg for one) and a big hug. Some mornings I get one kiss, others you'll give three kisses on Mommy's lips (on a very good morning and it is the most kisses I gotten from you at one time) and there are times when there's no kisses at all in the morning time (just crying and screaming). Each time we kiss, Mommy always says "kiss" so that you can understand the word, and what we are doing. There are times when Mommy asked for a kiss, you just give me your cheeks or your forehead, lol. At times, it seems like asking for a kiss become begging for a kiss, when you would not come over for a kiss, or kiss Mommy when I come to you for a kiss, and you look at Mommy like "you are crazy" (you absolutely refuse to give a kiss, or receive one). There are days when I get more kisses throughout the day, and other days there will be the bare minimum, lol
Hugs are sometimes what I get instead of a kiss, just your little arms wrap around my body, it is so cute, and then you bury your face into my chest, and hold onto Mommy really tight. It is funny when you let go of me, you would push me away. I come back for another hug, you just continue to push me away, as if it has became a little game of ours.

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