Sunday, December 23, 2012

Breastfeeding after the First Year

Breastfeeding all the way:  is Mommy's motto since you been born. Lina<3, you love it and can not get enough of it.

You are now one (the first year went  by so fast) and Mommy is still breastfeeding. During the day, it is one to two times. At nighttime, it is two times. Of course, it does changes with your mood and your teething process (which makes you even more needy and want to be nurse).

The thing that I had learn so far is not to put a time limit on how you would nurse when nursing because the milk supply is low and sometimes I am uncertain about how much milk you are actually getting. During the day, nursing you is funny because you get so distracted so easily, and would unlatch quickly if you hear a noise or notice something next to you to play with. And it also means that you are not hungry and just wanted to play with Mommy's boobs. 

Nursing you now is much easier and less demanding. When you were a newborn, nursing is essential and demanding. Although I loved every moment of it, it can be tiring, exhausting, and painful.

I will continue to breastfeed for as long as Lina<3 needs.

Please comment if any suggestions about breastfeeding after the age of one or when to ween...

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