Thursday, December 27, 2012

How was everyone's Christmas?

It has been two days after Christmas day, how was everyone's Christmas? Please feel free to share your story with Lina<3 in the comment section below. 

Lina<3, you had a wonderful Christmas Eve and day. Woke up, had breakfast, open presents and playtime with new toy after ripping up the wrapping paper lol. Wore your Christmas pajamas and it was so adorable on you. After playing, had a snack, play again, lunch and then it was nap time. Before dinner, it was time to put your red dress. Christmas dinner was yummy, you actually ate your food. You like the white rice, the callaloo, turkey breast (turkey with no hormones or antibiotics), turkey stuffing (which you like a lot). For the time being, you are eating your food which is great, you even like the apple pie (just a little bit of it)! The best part was that there was no allergic reactions to anything due to the fact that all the foods that was prepared were not new foods, nor allergy prone.

Hope everyone's Christmas went smoothly for the those who have eczema and have allergies. 

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