Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In The News: Reflecting on the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting in CT.

Reflecting on this, about the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre makes me speechless.

For those who have not been watching the news, click on the site below to stay updated

There are still wonders as to why anyone would do something so horrific to children. Children are so precious, and this event makes them even more precious. As we continued to hug, kiss and love our child, we grieved for those who lost their child in this massacre. As a parents, we send our child to school, knowing that they are safe and in a good environment. No one could imagine that this would happen.

The website below may help in talking with the children about this horrific event. 

For those under the age of 2years old, this website below may help how to understand the news

Our deepest condolence goes out to those who lost love ones and are affected by this.

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