Saturday, November 16, 2013

To my little Serena

Dear Precious Serena,

Today, you turn one month old, and I could not be happier.  This is my first letter to you.  I love you so much.  The last few weeks had been amazingly beautiful, and I am looking forward to many more moments.  I love watching you sleep, nurse, make gassy noise (yes, I can hear you poop, as it is very loud, lol but so cute), smile, and chuckle (yes, you chuckle when you sleep).  You are staying up awake more often, staring at me with your beautiful and curious eyes, and turning your head more often as you listen to conversations between the three of us, or your playful sister. 

The first week, you had been sleeping very well, two to three hours at a time, wake for a feeding, then sleep again after a diaper change.  The second week, you slept even better, three to five hours at a time, wake up for two hours, diaper change, tummy time, nurse, and then back to sleep.  By the third week to now, you had been sleeping almost four to five hours at a time (that is when you do finally fall asleep), and stay up for two to three hours at a time, twice a day.  It has been very hard to put you to sleep this past week, it could be too much noise, and stimulation.  You would only sleep by my side, or on my chest, or on my bed, and not your bassinet.  Am I spoiling you by holding you too much, could that be a reason why you are not sleeping well by yourself?  Of course not, I am trying to spend as much time with you as much as possible.  I want to give you as much attention as possible because there are times when I feel like I do not spend enough time with you.

I love every thing about you since the very first moment, I heard you cry as the doctor pulled you out from in my incision, and watched your arms, and legs swing back and forth, fighting with the nurse as they cleaned you up.  It was the happiness moment.  I was so glad that you came out healthy, and fine, because we had went to the hospital due to an emergency.  I am still glad that you continue to do so well.  I am not the only one that loves you, there are list of family members that love you very much. Daddy loves you very much.

You are my baby.  My precious bunny.  My Serena.  My little Serena.  I hope that you continue to stay precious, to stay sweet, to stay beautiful, and to stay healthy.  I look forward to watching your develop, grow, and learn new things, all your milestones...

I love you always!!

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