Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jie Jie

Jie Jie means big sister. Lina<3 has been a good jie jie when she wants to be. There are times when she is extremely helpful during Serena’s diaper changes, and want to throw out the dirty diaper. There are other times, where she just demands my attention, especially when I am nursing Serena. Lina<3 loves her sister so much. Yes, Lina<3 does get jealous, which is normal. Overall, I am very happy with Lina’3<3 reaction to Serena.

Lina<3 is helping Mommy put Serena’s sock on… what a good girl Lina was (and is).

In the picture above, Daddy was reading to his girls.

The pictures above, Lina<3 helped set up the bouncer chair for the baby. After Daddy set it up, all Lina<3 wanted to do was put her baby in it and her toys. When Serena was sitting on the chair, Lina<3 enjoyed showing Serena the birds on top.

The pictures above, Lina<3 wanted to hold Serena, and gets very upset when she does not get she wants. It was scary first times I let Lina<3 hold Serena, because Lina<3 would get so possessive, and does not want any help when she is holding her sister. A good tip would be not to look so nervous or act so nervous when the older one holds the little one because the older can sense it, and makes the older one more nervous and anxious.

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