Saturday, November 30, 2013

the big Two

My little Lina<3 celebrated her second birthday today with family and friends. It was a great day to party. "Lina<3 party" or "Lina<3 birthday" as Lina<3 had said today, and yesterday. Lina<3 enjoyed her first party very much.

This Mama will have pictures posted on a later post, as it had been a few exhausting days.

my letter to Lina<3

Dear Lina<3,
Happy Birthday my Lina<3! I cannot believe that you are two years old now. Daddy and I love you very much! We hoped that your birthday was wonderful, and that you will have nothing but happy, and smiley thoughts on your mind as you sleep tonight. We will continue to make your life as positive, and happy as possible. Daddy and I do not want to see you unhappy, sad or upset because you did not get your way but also know that you will not always get your way.
On your birthday, you will continue to hear your birth story, as much as Mama can remember - started tradition since you turned one years old. mommy loves you so much and I hope that you know that. Muah my baby.
Love Always

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