Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mama and her girls

Being a mama of two little girls is not easy at all, especially since they are both under the age of two years old – one toddler and one newborn.  I had so much help the last few weeks from my parents coming over to the house and to help me with the girls (still am but not as often).  The last week or so, I had the pleasure of taking care of my girls all by myself.  It was not easy at first for all of us, and it was something we had to get use to.  I am glad that Lina<3 and Serena:) have schedules that are similar to each other.  Serena:) sleeps and eats close to when Lina<3 sleeps and eats.  At times, Lina<3 can be extremely helpful with Serena:) with diaper changes, calming her sister when she cries, and wants to hold her.  Other times, they can be difficult, especially when both are crying hysterically, and Lina<3 does not want to listen to reasoning, and wait for Mommy until I am finishing taking care of Serena:)  So I have to let one of them cry for a little longer while I take care of the other, sounds cruel, I know, that only happens when I do not know what to do.  For example, if I am taking care of Serena:) and Lina<3 cries; then I let Lina<3 cries while talking to her about taking care of Serena:) first; or vice versa.  Although it is harder to let Serena:) cry while taking care of Lina<3 first, I do let Serena cry it out a little bit.  I love my time with my girls all by myself but it can be extremely exhausting.  Nap time for all of us is extremely important ( and for Mommy who does not nap every nap time but does relax at least.

In the mornings, the girls wake up early.  Most of the time, Serena:) falls back to sleep for at least an hour or so, which is awesome because I get to get ready, and spend some extra time with Lina<3 all by ourselves.  When Serena:) is up, I entertain Lina<3 and Serena:) at the same time by trying to include Serena:) into Lina<3 playtime times, or coloring times, or reading times, or mealtime times.  Around sleepy time, I always put Serena:) to sleep first, which can take a while.  Nap time is good, because they usually sleep 2-3 hours at a time, longer for Serena:)  The two hardest and most exhausting times throughout the day are two hours during the late morning and three hours during the early evening when Serena:) is awake.  During these times, the thing that helps me is Lina<3 favorite Qiaohu YouTube videos – my babysitter, lol.

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