Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Funny Story - Lina

Since I had the pleasure of putting Lina<3 to nap during the days, changing her out of her clothes to her pajamas can be kind of tough.  It can be tough because she runs all over room, wanting to play instead of going to sleep.  So when I able to get her top and take it off her head, and it gets stuck on her head which makes it hard to take out.
Mommy: Oh your shirt is stuck.
Lina struggles... to get it off, and fusses a little.
Mommy: you have a big head (after the first tug)
Mommy: big head (after a few more tugs, said it a few times)
Lina: ahh
Shirt finally came off.

The day after that incident, shirt is stuck on head again while changing clothes during the  nap time again.
Mommy: uh-oh, shirt is stuck
Lina: oh
Mommy struggles to take it off her head and says: big head
Lina: big head
Shirt finally came off
Lina: big head
Mommy   lol

The next day, shirt incident happens again
Mommy: uh-oh
Lina: uh-oh
Mommy struggles with shirt
Lina: ahh
Shirt came off
Lina: big head
Mommy: who has a big head?
Lina: big head
Mommy: who has a big head?
Lina: big head
Mommy: is it Mommy who has  a big head?
Lina: no (smiles, and points to self)
Mommy: is it Lina? big head?
Lina: Lina big head
Mommy:(lol) Lina has a big head? 
Lina: Lina big head

The next day, it happens again
Mommy: it's okay, (as I struggle to take the shirt off)
Lina: big head
Mommy tries not to laugh, as I do not want to think that her head is big. Also finally realized that she is a little sponge that absorbs everything and will repeat anything when said one too many times. 

Present day 
As the shirt comes off
Lina: big (referring to her head)
Mommy laughs and not repeat the words "big head"

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