Tuesday, November 5, 2013

All About Serena

(On the way to hospital in an ambulance due to heavy bleeding - from placenta previa.  While Daddy took care of Lina<3, and got her ready to go to PorPor's house before coming to the hospital.)

(At the hospital, was told that c-section needed to happen in the next hour, contractions were too close even though I did not feel any contractions at all.)
(Daddy was ready to meet Mommy and baby in OR.)
(My little precious Serena.)
(In the nursery. Isn't Serena adorable and precious?)
(In the nursery, Daddy took care of you while Mommy was recovering from surgery.)
(My baby)
(We meet again, finally in postpartum room, with my baby again.)
(Daddy and baby Serena)
(Skin to Skin contact. Mama loves you very much.)
(Lina<3 meeting her baby sister for the first time, on day of discharge. Lina<3 jie jie was so curious, as soon as she came into the room, her eyes search for baby, and kept saying "baby, baby")
(Lina<3 wanted to touch...)
(Lina<3 jie jie holding her baby sister for first time.)
(Sisterly bond)
(Serena is ready to go home.)
(Mama and her girls.)
(Daddy and his girls)

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