Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Serena:) first word!

Serena:) says "Ba ba ba ba ba".  It is her first word, and it is in Chinese meaning Daddy. At first, it sounds like babbling, but once we reinforced it, it sounds more like words. I love hearing it. It is so cute, it happens when she is usually playing. she had been saying for over a week and it only sounds cuter and cuter. Daddy loves hearing it, and stating, of course she would say Baba first :) Serena:) also says "ma" but only once or twice a day. But "bababa" she says more often during the day. Even Lina<3 recognizes  that Serena:) is speaking now. I can't wait til my little Serena:) speaks more and her vocabulary begins to develop.

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