Wednesday, July 9, 2014

our 4th of July weekend

4th of July was a rainy and start of the day. It ended well with some neighbors doing fireworks at nighttime. Lina<3 was so cute when the fireworks started. She likes the idea of firework and does not enjoyed it outside. So we enjoyed the fireworks from our window. She thinks the fireworks are too loud from outside and inside by covering her ears every time she hears it. The fireworks lasted 1.5 hours. And it woke up Serena:) who was in bed by 8pm. Serena:) was able to enjoyed her first fireworks her first 4h of July. They both got to stay up later than usual. Firework is the word of the day :)

BBQ Saturday was fun at Auntie Helen’s house :) Lina<3 loves bubbles. At Auntie’s house, Lina<3 actually played with a little girl that was there.  The little girl was so sweet, playful, and attentive towards Lina<3. And Lina<3 actually played with the girl, not just for a second, but the rest of the night. It was so cute to see her socially play with someone else besides family. They played bubbles together. They played inside the house together. Lina<3 tried to have short conversation(s)
with her, but all she really said is “bubbles”, “more bubbles”, and “what’s your name” (this question Lina<3 asked over and over). My little LIna<3 is learning about social play.

On Sunday, my little Serena:) pulled herself up to standing position for the first time. A new new milestone!  She had been pulling self up onto her knees for a week.

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