Thursday, July 3, 2014

Recap Time

It started to get nice out since April, and what do we do when it gets nice out, go out! We have been spending time outside as much as possible.  The weather has been so crazy, with extreme periods of dry spells, wet weather, humidity, and cloudiness.  Lina<3 had been enjoying every bit of her time outside when possible. Since April, we have been spending a day a week at PorPor's (grandma in Cantonese) house.

Serena:) is now 8 months, and has grown so much in terms of development, in weight and length.  In April, she could barely crawl, and did not even like tummy time at all. But as we did more and more tummy time, she began to crawl, sit up and now starting to crawl on all fours and pulling self up to her knees. There's a lot of babbling of "ahs" "oh" and "coo".  As well as some words that sound like "ma" to me and some words that sound like "ba" (for baba, which means daddy in Cantonese) in the last week or so.  She puts everything in her mouth, which is very alarming, and needs to keep a closer eye on her.  With the beginning of solids at 5 months old, she loves to eat. It was hard to get use to the foods (in the beginning, when the spoon does not work well, I used my fingers to feed her and once she got use to the idea of eating, she was more willing to take the spoonful of food).  Serena:) is enjoying playing with her jie jie (big sister in Cantonese). It is so cute watching them play together espeically when Lina<3 in the mood to play with her mui mui (little sister in Cantonese).

Lina<3 is developing fast too.  She is 2 1/2 years old, and it is amazing how fast time flies.  There is so much energy when her temper tantrums are not overwhelming her and us.  She is speaking more, and putting words together.  There's still an obsession of apple juice (especially when she knows it is in the refrigerator.  She loves to read.  We read every night before bedtime and at least once or twice during the day for a few minutes at a time.  Her eating habits varies just like her mood, and her nap time.

That's what has been happening in the last three months.  Now it is July, time really does fly.

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