Wednesday, August 13, 2014

the things she says ....

These last three mornings, Lina<3 wakes up and calls for me, which is not unusual at all.  She always calls me for "mama".  Now it is "mama", and if she does not hear from me, she will call me again "mama", then wait, and says "Kim" several times, lol.  At first, I thought I heard wrong, but when you asked her what she just said, she will tell me "Kim". Even during the day, she will use my name whenever she talks to me, or need me for something.  I can asked her,  "how are you", and she would say, "I'm fine, Kim (or Kimmy)".  It is the cutest thing to hear her say.

Besides saying my name, there is the inevitable question that all children develop, the "why?" Lina<3 started "why" about two months ago, but its only been the last few weeks that she been asking more frequently.  At first, it is so adorable to know that she is so inquisitive .... Eh it is still adorable, but so tiring  (at times) when you answered the umpteenth time of why after why after why after why. Even if you answers the why, she would ask why again. Sometimes when Baba or I cannot think of answer or answering too many whys, we just say because.  The best thing to do is change the topic, drop the topic, and distract, which usually works.  When I ask her why sometimes,  her favorite answer is "because", "why because" I would ask her, and she would say, "just because".  Although it is tiresome when the whys do not stop, we always make a point to answer her. We hope that she continues to ask questions as she gets older, and find her way in this work. Baba and I always talk to Lina<3, and ask her questions - communication is so important.

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