Saturday, August 16, 2014

food, food, food....

Food, food, food, sometimes I just feel like the day is surrounded by food!  Everyone has to eat!  The girls always eats first then comes Baba and I.  Not too soon after the meals, snacks are given.  The kitchen is where we are most of the day.  Between preparing, cooking, serving, and cleaning, food becomes an all day thing at times.

Lina<3 likes the idea of food but gets very fussy (at times) during meal and snack times about what she wants to eat, where she wants to eat, what bowl or utensil to use, and even how to eat (by self or be fed).  When Lina<3 does eat, she eats a lot, and then some, and feeds self too. Lina <3 is also learning how use chopsticks to eat with certain meals :)

So far, Serena:) is a very good eater.  In fact, it seems like Serena:) is on a "see - food diet", lol she wants to eat in sight even if it is not her own food.  Serena:) loves to eat and it seems like she is always ready to eat. When I was carrying Serena:), I was always hungry, and ate and snacked very frequently, as she always to eat. It is a good thing the she eats well so well, and I hope that it continues as she gets older.  Serena:) is very vocal when it comes to eating.  Sometimes I feed Lina<3 first, Serena:) sees Lina's<3 bowlful of food, and spoon; she gets very wide eyes, and her mouth opens (ready to eat); but when she realizes that it is not for her, she screams and fusses, and wondering where her food is, lol. It is the cutest thing, my little greedy girl. I guess she remembers when Baba had told her that, when she learns to scream louder than her sister she will get attention first, lol.

The hardest part of the day is during meal times especially Lina<3 refuses to eat regardless of the endless efforts and distractions.  I always tried to feed the two of them at the same time, one spoonful for Lina<3 and then two to three spoonfuls for Serena (her spoonfuls are smaller).

Food is apart of life, we must eat to grow up, big, and strong, and healthy as I like to tell Lina<3 so she can try, and understand why it is important to eat food, and drink water.

I love watching both of them eat, and enjoy their foods.  It is so cute to watch them play in their kitchen together. Lina <3 cooks (as she stands in front of stove with her pot and spoon to cook), as Serena:) washes dishes in the sink (as she stands in front of sink filled with bowls, and pots to wash).

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