Monday, August 11, 2014

Serena's milestones

My little Serena:) is growing up so fast, and developing at a faster pace than Lina<3 did, because she wants to play, and interact more with her jiejie (big sister in Chinese).

My little Serena:) is learning how to wave buh bye.  During breakfast time, I showed her how to wave buh bye, and her little hands just open and close, and open and close.  It was so cute to watch her watch her hands open and close like Mommy's because she was just as excited as I was to see her hand open and close. She is learning so fast. 

Also today, this evening with Baba (daddy in Chinese), Serena:) walked along the entire length of the couch. Baba did the same tricks (having a toy out of reach) I used to try, and get her to walk along the couch but it didn't work well for me.  It was amazing to watch her move her feet, one dragging foot after the other.  She is moving her chubby little feet :)

Speaking about chubby little feet, Serena:) walked by self with the walker for a longer stretch than her usual three to four steps. She walked from kitchen to Mommy's room.  It was shaky start. Even if she does not walk, she stand very well for a long period of time. That came with a lot of practice because if her jiejie is on the couch, Serena:) would stand by the couch just the see what her jiejie is doing. I am so proud of my baby Serena:) who is so quick to learn things because she wants for play with her jiejie.

Serena:) third tooth came out. It is the top tooth. It was peeking yesterday, and past few days, which led to a lot of clinginess and fussiness. Since it came out, she feels much better, and able to enjoy the day better, which is always a good thing.

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