Friday, March 21, 2014

These are one of my favorite things:


From the Sound of Music, this phrase/song comes from. I would like to go over some of my girls favorite things, at the moment.

Ahhh…. juice, first it was orange juice, now Lina<3 had moved on to apple juice. It was started from PorPor with the juice boxes. Lina<3 likes to be silly when ask to stay still and take a picture, lol









































Lina<3 also enjoyed talking a lot. Some of her favorite phrases are no, come on, one minute, let’s go, shopping, wait, don’t move (as she tries to take my picture with a camera), right here/there.  And singing along with me (ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, Row Row Your Boat) and sings along with Daddy (our song, John Legend’s All of Me).  She enjoys watching her favorite show on YouTube Qiaohu and now it has become a daily thing that she has to do.


Serena:) continues to enjoy playing with her turtle very much especially when she is sitting on the bouncy chair. Serena:) has also moved on to playing with more toys, speaking more often with a lot of baby babbles. She is considered now to be spit-y as she is drooling a lot whenever she put her hands or toys in her mouth. 

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