Saturday, March 8, 2014

Queens Zoo

Today was an exciting day for all of us.  Since the weather was so nice (in the 50s Degrees), we took advantage of it by going to the Queens Zoo.
Mama’s job was to get three people (two babies and myself) dressed is always the hardest part plus making sure the snacks & diaper bags are in order, as well as my bag. It is always feels like the biggest job in the world.  Getting out of the door used to take no more than 30 minutes without the kids. Now with two of them, it takes more than an hour. I always tried plan ahead of time when I know that I am going to out with the kids, but getting ready still take an hour or so.
As soon as I announced to Lina<3 that we were going to the zoo, she said “no zoo” and a few seconds later, “mai mai” (which means to go buy something, to go shopping in Mandarin pinyin). Then I tried to explained to Lina<3 that we were going to the zoo to see different animals, like the bear, tiger (roared like a tiger for her to get interested), lion, giraffe…etc. Lina<3 continued with “mai mai, Lina<3 go mai mai”.  So I said yes, we are going to go outside and Lina<3 said quickly “okay, outside” and opens her closet to pick out her outfit, lol.
Off to the zoo but she thinks we are going shopping, lol

Finally, we got to the zoo, Lina<3 did not seem so excited at first. It is our first time visiting the zoo for the babies. Serena:) was awake and was able to enjoy a little sight seeing for the first part of the zoo, before going to sleep in Mama’s Baby Bjon baby carrier. Lina<3 stayed in the stroller for a while, and did not want to walk. After seeing a lot of children running around, she wanted to run as well. We saw a lot of ducks, birds, wolve, bear, seal, bison, cow, rabbit, goat, sheep, and horse. Daddy fed a goat, sheep, and a ram some food as you watched him in his arms at the petting zoo section.

The last part of the zoo, Lina<3 liked a lot and enjoyed.  It was where she played on her own on the jungle gym the zoo had. She was so adventurous and brave.  She was so grown up that she did not ask for any help from mommy and daddy at all. As a big girl, she went up the stairs on her own, and slid down the slide all by herself, without any hesitation. We did not follow her at all. We let her do it on her own. It makes me feel so scary that she was going to trip, and fall because the jungle gym was taller than me. The first swirl slide was very fast, which made Lina<3 a little apprehensive about doing it again. After walking around the jungle gym, she went right back up the stair and went to the straight slide. So adventurous, I am so proud that she was able to do it on her own. My little LIna<3 is growing up.

As we walked to the car, Lina<3 developed a nice thing, puddles. At first, she saw a small puddle and did not want to walk through it, so she walked over it. Then she discovered a bigger puddle, and thought it might be interesting to walk through it the first time. After seeing how fun it is to walk through the puddle, she decided to stop in the middle of the puddle, take a look, and realized her boots are wet and her feet is wet,

We had a very good day, Lina<3 did not want to leave the zoo at all. We hope to have more sunny and warmer weathers like today.
I wish I can say that these two went to sleep easily but the important thing is that they sleep through the night (at least Lina<3 does).
So good night and sweet dreams my little babies :)

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