Tuesday, March 11, 2014

our day

With such nice weather today, it is hard not to take advantage of it. So we packed a small diaper bag (yes, I always over pack) and put on our walking shoes and went outside.  Of course, the process was much, much longer than that sentence lol. It took one and half hour to get all of us ready.  It was an impromptu outing.   

The morning before actually going outside went okay, not as smooth as I wanted it to be. We slept in later than usually ( I think we are still adjusting the daylight saving from this past weekend). Lina<3 was not cooperative at all (but then again she is only two years old, lol). She did not want to change out of her pajamas, and said Mama do it, as she saw that I needed to take of her baby sister first. I said to her, why doesn't Lina<3 want to change her own clothes, you been doing so well the last few days of changing your own clothes. She goes Lina<3 naughty ( in Chinese), mama do it, lol. I told her to be a good helper and help mama by changing her own clothes while I take care of the baby. She said no, mama do it, Lina<3 naughty.  Breakfast time was bad, as Lina<3 did not want to eat and complained that her tummy hurts in Chinese. I did not see any other signs of what is the matter with her tummy except for a little bloating...there was no gas, nothing happened I the potty or in her pants ... Then a few minutes later she said she is okay as she wanted to go outside and play in the playground.

The playground was a disappointment :( It was a playground located in a school therefore, once school is in session, it is not open to the public. Lina<3 was so upset, cried, and went over to the locked gate and said to me that she wants to go wheee (which meant that she want to go on the slides, my brave little girl). The only she could understood it, is when I tell her that the playground is no good and that we have to come back another time. A good distraction was telling her that we were going to the store which she interprets as shopping which she loves to do, talk about and pretend to do when she is at home, lol.

So to Walgreens we went. Lina <3 had become so talkative lately that I wonders what is going through that brain of hers. As soon as we walked the doors, she points up to security camera screen and said, Lina<3, really loudly (we really need to practice indoor voices, lol). We went through each aisle as we were not in a rush. She loves the baby aisle the best, and loves to pick up snacks for herself but always put back when ask to or gets distracted. I love talking to her and asking her questions about the items in the stores and she actually answers back and know the answers too. Also learned new words as well as she is always asking what is that in Chinese. Serena:) was awake the whole time, watching everything that crosses her path (more like whatever she can see), listening her big sister talk.

We brought new sunglasses, and she played with it. We, also, brought so some chocolates from Walgreens which became Lina<3 center of attention as soon as we got home, after washing our hands. After eating three Godiva dark chocolate truffles, she wanted more and had a "I want chocolate meltdown with tears" when I said no and had hid it from plain view (not a good spot though as I learned later on). But after taking care of Serena:) and thought Lina<3 was playing by herself nicely, I found Lina<3 seated in her chair in kitchen (she can climb so well on and off her highchair), a piece of chocolate in her hand, another piece she had laid out for Mommy and daddy as she explained to me quickly (she knew that she did something wrong). After two more chocolates, I put it away and she had a fit (I have pictures which will be posted later, trouble uploading).
After chocolates, it was time for a nap. One hour later, Lina<3 was still up, talking, and playing on her crib. Now Serena:) so no nap.  Lina<3 played by self, and ended up throwing something over the couch while I was washing dishes in kitchen.
I looked over at her without saying anything, then went back to continued washing. Then looked at her again as she said don't move. She was sitting on her daddy's chair (timeout chair - timeout was introduced two weeks ago, used only twice),, saying don't move. I said why, she said, throwing things no good. I said who is throwing things, she said Lina throw with hand movements. I said what are you doing on the chair, she said timeout with the biggest smile on her face, lol (will post a picture here later).
It was quite evening but dinner time could had been better as she did not eat well.  We sang "the wheels on the bus" which made Serena:) laughed so much :) Lina<3 fell asleep well, as she was so tired but Serena:) did not sleep easily tonight, she wanted to play and have our attention...

And that was our day ...

I love my girls. good night and sleep tight.

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