Wednesday, January 29, 2014

my babies make us laugh!

My babies know how to make us laugh out loud.  Lina<3 loves to put a smile on our faces, as well as make us laugh with her silly antics.

Serena:) is developing so well. I am greeted with smiles as we wake up in the mornings and throughout the day when she is awake and playful. She even talks to us with her cooing noises, and the"ah" sounds. We can go back and forth, and that is how we talk to each other. Serena:) loves it when I mimics her speech which makes her excitable and continue making those sounds. It just makes me smile and laugh when she talks to me. Serena:) is starting to make crawling motions while doing tummy time. Serena enjoys play time, and watching big jie jie (sister in Chinese) play, screamed, dance, and be excitable. Serena slept eight hours last night! That is a big stretch, a milestone, and I am loving it! I love my little Serena.

Baba (daddy in Chinese told me an interesting conversation with Lina<3.
Baba was showing Lina<3 some baby picture of herself as a baby on his phone.
Baba: "This is Lina<3", and points to picture.
Lina<3: "Lina<3", and points to self.
Baba: points to picture again, "Baby is Lina<3".
Lina<3: firmly said "no", points to self "This Lina", and points to picture, "no baby, no baby Lina<3, no".

Another conversation with Mama that is so cute from last month, which I still remember about woman.
Mama: "are you a baby?"
Lina<3: smiling as she said  "no".
Mama: "Then are you a girl".
Lina<3:" no".
M: "yes you are a girl, Lina<3 is a little girl".
L: points to self, "no girl", points to me, "mama girl".
M: points to Lina<3, "Lina<3 is a girl", and points to myself, "Mama is a woman".
L: points to self, "no girl", points to me, "mama no woman, mama girl", and points to self, "Lina woman".
M: points to self. "Mama is a woman and Lina<3 is a girl".
L: points to self, "Lina woman, Lina woman".
L: yells "woman" as she points to self.

Lina just makes me laugh with the things that she says. Here is a updated conversation about woman from yesterday. She is learning to distinguish, man, woman, girl, and baby.
Mama: "are you my baby?"
Lina<3: "no" "baby right there", and points to Serena:) and "Mama baby".
M: "yes, Serena:) is my baby, and Lina<3 is my baby".
L: "Lina girl", "Lina no baby", with her thinking face, and said "Lina baby" - referring to her doll.
M: "Where is Lina's<3 baby?"
L: "hmm", "outside" - referring to living room.
M: "is Lina's<3 baby outside in the living room?"
L: "hmm",  and points to self, "woman"
M: "who is a woman?"
L: "Mama".
M: "yes, mama is a woman", "are you a woman?"
L: "no", "hmmm", "baba woman".
M: "baba is not a woman, baba is a man".
L: nods her head, "baba man", "mama woman".
M: "yes, baba man. mama woman",  "PorPor (grandmother in Chinese) is a woman", "Gonggong (grandfather in  Chinese) is a man".
L: "PorPor no woman, porpor man, mama woman".

During playtime with Baba over the weekend, playing with her car. Lina's<3 car (yes, girls play with cars too!) zooms past her, her hand extended out to try and sais "uh, uh". As the car pasted her, Lina<3 with hand extended toward her car, and said "baba help me". Meanwhile, the car was just an inch away, Baba said "go, and get it". Still in the same stands, hands extended toward the car, and said "baba help me" "help me please". Lol.

These are just a couple of conversations and moments that just makes me (and Baba) smile. I love how Lina<3 answers my questions or tries to think of an answer.

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